You Are Dating A Guy Online But You Have Never Seen His Picture

By admin - Last updated: Thursday, November 6, 2014

If you are dating a guy online and you have never seen his picture, you should ask yourself where you want things to go. If your goal is to date this person in life and meet up, you should ask him for a picture. He may not have a picture up for a number of reasons. Those reasons may be reasonable and then again they may not. However, if you want to ultimately meet this person physically and have that kind of relationship, knowing what he looks like is important.

You are simply trying to place a face with the words and you shouldn’t feel inappropriate. Human beings are visual creatures and for most of us, having some form of physical attraction to the person we are interacting with is perfectly natural.

What you shouldn’t do is allow this to drag on for too long. The longer you continue to communicate with this guy online without ever having seen his picture, the more you will wonder. That sense of doubt due to that wonder will start being in the forefront of your thoughts during the conversations. As a result, you will be unable to truly have an enjoyable and purposeful interaction because you will always feel like there is something missing. This will ultimately build a sense of distrust and that doesn’t help your situation.

If you are worried about broaching the subject, you could start off by sending him a picture of yourself. By doing this, you are showing that you have nothing to hide. Once he realizes this, he may be more open to showing you his picture. You really should take action now before you start getting more and more involved in this interaction so as to prevent heartache and disappointment.

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Dating A Guy I Met Online But We Rarely Meet Up, Should I Break Up With Him?

By admin - Last updated: Tuesday, November 4, 2014

If you are dating a guy that you met online but you two rarely meet up, you should assess how you feel about them before thinking about breaking up. Some people meet online, have dates and realize that the person that they are with may not be someone that they share true chemistry with. They may come to realize that their lack of communication or meet ups may be because they simply aren’t that into each other even though they haven’t really told each other that.

Hence, you should assess how you feel about this person. Do you truly like them? If the both of you have been rarely meeting up, is it truly because you are both so busy or is it because of something else? Even though you may be busy, you can always try to find time. Sometimes, we use “busy” as an excuse without really realizing that the reason why we rarely meet up with this person is because we are not that interested or emotionally invested in them.

If you believe that the lack of meet ups is no fault of your own as you have made an effort to do so but to no avail, you should assess him. How does he respond to you when you are both together? Is he talkative and positive or does it seem like he would rather be somewhere else? When you do meet up, what is his body language like in relation to his closeness to you? Does he maintain his distance or does he try to get closer? If he tends to maintain his distance and isn’t that very talkative, he is showing signs of disinterest.

In a scenario like this, you shouldn’t force the issue. If he doesn’t feel the same kind of connection with you as you may for him, it is how he feels and you can’t force that to change.

Now, if the both of you do have good meet ups, this is a different story. If the body language is great and the interactions are good and yet it is still rare that you two meet up, you should try having a conversation with him.

The interest may be there but he is simply not sure if he should go all in. He may even be playing off your energy, thinking that you may actually want to go slower. In other words, he may be playing it safe so as not to push you away.

In this conversation, you should let him know that you want the both of you to see each other more. More than likely, if he feels the same way, he will open up his schedule for you as you would have given him the confirmation he needed.

You should understand how you feel in this relationship and where you truly want it to go. Once you understand that, you will be able to take the necessary action.

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I’ve Started Online Dating. Do Men Get Better Results With This Option?

By admin - Last updated: Monday, November 3, 2014

If you’ve just started online dating and you are wondering if men get better results through this option for meeting potential dates, it really depends on how you approach it. You shouldn’t approach it thinking that now that you have a dating profile on a dating site, a ton of women are going to message you and go out on dates with you. Your mindset shouldn’t be one of inactivity whereby you simply leave your dating profile to sit and wait for all the messages from women that are supposedly going to come rolling in.

The men who tend to fail in online dating are the ones who come in with a bunch of unrealistic expectations and a lack of enthusiasm to be proactive. Before joining any online dating site, you should make sure that the dating site suits what you may be looking for. If you are looking for a long term relationship, you should join an online dating site that caters to that. This can all be determined simply by doing some research into that dating site’s reputation.

Now, as mentioned earlier, simply joining an online dating site is not the automatic solution to getting better results with increased dates and the like. You should work on creating a dynamic online dating profile that showcases your personality and also points out what makes you unique.

What makes you unique is so important. You have to understand that you are competing with a bunch of other men. They also have dating profiles. In order to stand out, you should have something about you that is unique. This is what will make a woman stop and notice your dating profile.

You will need to put out true effort and be patient. Just because you are now on an online dating site doesn’t mean that women are going to necessarily respond to your messages or take initiative to send you messages. You have to be proactive in sending messages to women. These messages should all be individually unique in their own way and you have to be prepared for the likelihood that most of your messages will not be responded to.

Do not take it personally if most of the women you send messages to on the online dating site do not respond to your messages. Women receive a lot more messages on dating sites than men and as a result they can be quite picky with who they choose to respond to. Just be patient and keep trying. You will eventually land a woman who responds, as long as your messages are individually unique and sincere.

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Whenever Your Online Boyfriend Is Out, He Ignores Your Messages

By admin - Last updated: Sunday, November 2, 2014

If your online boyfriend ignores your messages whenever he is out, you should understand that he may not be doing that in order to be malicious. He may be engaged with friends, family or even a hobby. As a result, he is unable to connect with you. You have to understand that your online boyfriend can’t always be there for you twenty-seven.

It is unhealthy for two people, even if they met online to be constantly in each other’s space. There has to be moments where the both of you are on your own, pursuing your own exploits and simply living. These moments are precious because they enable the both of you to have a break from each other. This can actually strengthen your relationship.

It strengthens your relationship because it allows the both of you to experience something that you can then tell each other about when you reconnect. It keeps your relationship fresh in that you will always have something new to talk to each other about.

Hence, if your online boyfriend ignores you when he is out, you shouldn’t take that the wrong way. You should actually use that as an opportunity to grow. Yes, you should go do your own thing during this time as well.

Go hang out with friends, make new ones, engage in a hobby etc. This is your opportunity to do things that allow you to then look forward to the next moment you communicate with your boyfriend. You will look forward to it because you can tell him some of what you did. Through this, he also gets to know you better and you can both strengthen your relationship.

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How Do You Ask A Guy You Met Online For His Number

By admin - Last updated: Saturday, November 1, 2014

A good way to ask a guy that you met online for his number is to ask him if he’d like to meet for a chat. If you have been interacting with this guy online for a while, it should be easier for you to do this. If the conversations have been interesting and he has been actively participating in them, your chances of getting a yes from him are strong.

At the point he says yes, you can then move on to exchanging numbers. You shouldn’t allow a conversation or interaction with a person that you met online to drag on for too long. This is what a lot of people who meet online tend to do. They drag out the interaction online for weeks, even months, until it gets to the point where one party loses interest and fades away.

The online medium is very busy. There are lots of distractions. If you don’t make a real effort to meet within a reasonable time of your interaction with a guy you met online, he can easily move on to someone else online.

Hence, asking for his number is a lot easier when you set a goal to meet. It will feel more natural both for you and for him. It should be done with purpose. If you start trying to find ways to avoid asking for the number after you have both agreed on a meet simply hoping that he has gotten the hint and will do the asking, you are approaching this the wrong way.

You should always be sure of yourself. When you ask for the meet and the guy agrees, you should get his number with confidence and sound like you are excited to meet him. This will show him that you truly have an interest in him and may get him even more excited to meet you.

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This Guy I Met Through An Online Dating Site Stood Me Up Twice, Should I Give Him One More Chance?

By admin - Last updated: Saturday, November 1, 2014

If this guy you met through an online dating site stood you up twice, you shouldn’t give him one more chance. The first time should honestly have been a warning sign to you. Being stood up is a very strong sign of a lack of true interest from someone. It also shows to some extent, a lack of respect. It’s a lack of respect for your time and your company.

If you let him off easy the first time around that he stood you up and now he has done so again, you have got to learn your lesson and let this one go. If you were to give him yet another chance, he will begin to feel like he can get away with this no matter what. This will set a very bad precedent for any relationship. You shouldn’t put yourself in this position.

It is very important to always respect yourself when it comes to dating. Even if you met this guy through an online dating site, the same rules of respect and courtesy should always apply. In order for a relationship to truly work, there has to be some mutual respect for each other right from the start. Clearly, this guy you met through an online dating site is not showing you any of that.

He may have given you what seemed like a good excuse for why he stood you up the second time but understand that he has already done this before. Since he knew that he got away with it the first time, you may have emboldened him to do it yet again.

Respect yourself and let this be. You shouldn’t give him one more chance. You have to understand that you deserve better and can do better. When you allow yourself to constantly be placed in this position, it can begin to affect your sense of self esteem.

It can also put you in the position where you start letting guys get away with even worse behavior. The reason for this is that once they notice that you will forgive them every time they stand you up, they may start trying to get away with more. This is the last thing you should want.

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Online Dating Tips For Men

By admin - Last updated: Thursday, July 24, 2014

iStock_000010202426XSmallOnline dating can seem like a bridge too far for some men. There are many who have tried it and given up because they simply couldn’t get any worthwhile messages or any messages at all for that matter. Others tried to force the issue and contact as many women as they could only again to face failure. Hence, in essence, they throw in the towel. They become furious and scream at the top of their lungs that online dating is a farce. Here are some online dating tips for men that will help you succeed.

Write Personalized Messages

In other words, do not cut and paste your messages to other female members. Many men decide to do this in order to make life easier. Indeed, it seems to make sense as online dating is a game of numbers. However, a lot of these women can tell that these messages are cut and pasted. Hence, they will instantly disregard your message. You should write personalized messages that are specific to that woman. Using her username in your message also helps to give her the sense of being singled out and special. This is a crucial online dating tip for men that can truly change your results.

Do Not Expect Her To Send You A Courtesy Message Of Thanks But No Thanks

So many men think that it is only fair that she sends them back a message thanking them for their initial interest but politely letting them know that she wasn’t interested. Here is a reality check. It is not her job nor duty to respond to your message with a courtesy message. She doesn’t owe you anything. If your ego is so fragile that you cannot handle her not responding to your message with at least a courtesy “No Thanks,” online dating may not be for you. If she doesn’t send you a response message simply take that as a clear indication that she is not interested and move on to someone else.

Ask For A Date

This may sound very elementary. After all, why else are you on the dating site but to find a date? But alas, it isn’t as elementary as you might think. Some guys fall victim to the perpetual conversation online. He grabs her interest and they begin to exchange messages but then he waits and waits until her interest wanes and she moves on to someone else. Then he wonders what the heck happened. Most women will only converse with you for so long before they begin to lose interest. They have a lot of other suitors vying for their attention. You must ask for a date soon. Don’t leave it to her. She is waiting on you. If you don’t do it while her interest is piqued, she is moving on to one of the 100 or so men who sent her a message that day.

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Should You Try An Online Long Distance Relationship?

By admin - Last updated: Thursday, July 24, 2014

Online Dating Sites – The Best Qualities To Look ForLong distance relationships online can be very trying. At first, it may feel like things will work out. The both of you have a very intense connection and you rely on your love or fondness of each other to carry you through. However, this love and fondness can only go so far. Unfortunately, many people that embark on an online long distance relationship tend to discover this too late.

Not all online long distance relationships are doomed to fail. However, the majority are. The problem tends to arise when there has simply been too much time apart. Without any real plan to eventually be together permanently in the same physical location, the separation can start to take its’ tow. All of a sudden, all of that love and fondness is beginning to flutter in the wind.

What generally occurs from here on is less and less communication. It becomes harder to try to communicate with someone knowing full well that the sting of your separation will only make you feel worse. As a consequence, you start ignoring those phone calls and emails. You busy yourself with other affairs just hoping that you can get your long distance love out of your mind.

Finally, you give in and return a message. However, by this time, your long distance love has grown weary and may start becoming distant themselves. You make up eventually but the damage has been done. Future interactions are froth with doubt and pain. Ultimately, someone decides that it would better to be just friends. The relationship is over.

Again, there are those who can survive the dreaded long distant online relationship. However, you must have a through-plan for it to work. A through-plan that assures that the both of you will not remain separated for longer than is necessary. Then and only then do you stand the best chance of making this online long distance relationship work.

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