Adult Dating – Who’s Doing it?


By Lucas Owen


The use of adult dating websites has become very popular over the last several years. This popularity has taken the idea of meeting someone from an adult dating site from the hidden dungeons of fantasy to the forefront of reality. Adult dating sites are some of the most visited dating sites on the internet. So, who is doing it?

A Variety Of People

Single people, married people, separated people, couples and the list goes on. alone has numerous adult chat rooms dedicated to a wide cross section of people from couples to transexuals. The point is, adult dating appeals to literally every type of group or person. The ease of internet use has also facilitated this. The internet is a worldwide phenomenon and has provided a medium that continues to titillate the senses.

Sexual Need

Human beings who use adult dating sites are no different from human beings who don’t. There is a basic sexual need in human beings. It is part of the human dynamic. In the past, many people had to go through hoops just to get the type of experience they were looking for. Many people married and got disappointed that the sex had either come to a standstill or had little flavor. Many were single and needed their needs met but with the physical presence of a partner lacking, had to rely on giving themselves pleasure by their own hand.

Loss Of Sex

Many were separated and had to deal with a sexual need that was no longer being satisfied because their frequent intimate partner was now no longer in the picture. Many were going steady with another partner but were unable to get the type of satisfaction that they so NEEDED because the sex either wasn’t good enough or it lacked a specific and much desired act. The point is that in every one of these scenarios and others, the element of NEED is the central factor. 

So, who is adult dating? Those who have a need. Who are those who have a need? Just about every human being on this planet. It’s a basic human trait that is as much a part of us as our DNA.


When a “need” needs(no pun intended) to be met, we as human beings will go to the quickest and easiest place to meet that need. Today, that place has become the internet. What happens when we need food? We will go to the fridge or stop by the closest grocery store/restaurant to get some. What happens when we need money? We will get it via the quickest and easiest route i.e. our ATM card, a friend or relative. With human beings, it is all about satisfying that NEED. And since we all experience need which has to be satisfied at some point, the internet has become the quickest and easiest choice.

Remember, we are all about satisfying this need.


Therefore, anyone and everyone is using or has the potential of using adult dating sites. It could be your married neighbor or that attractive person you see jogging passed your home every day. Satisfying that need could be for a moment and they move on. For others, adult dating may simply become a way of life. Either way, as long as human beings have NEED, anyone of us is capable of using an adult dating site at some stage in our lives.

In the end, it is not about who is using adult dating sites. It is about the need that has to be satisfied. In this day and age, using an adult dating website to satisfy that need has become as mundane as stopping by your neighborhood McDonald’s to satisfy your hunger.


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