Dating Sites – 3 Of The Best Dating Sites To Find Love


By Lucas Owen


Love is an age old phenomena. People have fought, cried and died for it. It is safe to say that as human beings there is no greater emotion than that of love. The enormous growth of some of the best dating sites through the years has given many people the opportunity to find love online. Creating that special bond with that special someone can cause a tremendous difference not only in someone’s life but in their purpose. These are 3 of the best dating sites that are specifically tailored towards helping you find love.

This is one of the best dating sites to find love and many happy users can attest to that. When you sign up as a member there is a Duet Compatibility Test that you have to fill out. The great aspect about this test is that it tries to deduce key traits in your personality that can then help it give you the best matches. You will have to answer a number of true and false questions. These questions are designed to gauge your outlook, personal energy, predictability and romantic impulse. These true and false questions tend to be quite in-depth thereby forcing the user to really think about which answer they choose. The final result is your Duet Analysis. Your Duet Analysis uses four letter words to find other members with personality types that mirror and compliment your own. This test is a reason why so many people find love on this dating site.

This dating site has an extensive compatibility test that matches people based on 29 dimensions of compatibility. The great advantage of this Compatibility Matching System is that it really cuts through the multitude of singles out there and only provides you with your most compatible matches. This is a reason so many people find love on this dating site. Now, the compatibility testing is lengthy, you are going to have to answer about 250 questions. The questionnaire is broken down into various sections: General Information, Personal Beliefs, About You, Self-Descriptions, Personal Characteristics, About Your Feelings, Important Qualities, About Your Personality, Your Personal Interests, Living Skills and Matching Information. Yes, it takes at least an hour to fill out this questionnaire but the reason why so many people find love on this dating site is because they take the time to fill it. Be aware that 1 in every 5 users are not accepted based upon their answers. So, if you are serious about finding love, answer thoughtfully.

It may have been as easy as 1-2-3 to sign up on the dating site, but don’t be fooled. is one of the few dating sites out there that really takes the content of your profile very seriously. First and foremost, they will not put you in search results or allow you to communicate with another member until you have completed your profile. Secondly, they will review your profile first before allowing it to go on the site live. This means that most profiles on the dating site are from serious members only and this is always good when you’re looking for a love match..

These are 3 of the best dating sites to find love. Many people have found love on them. If that is what you are looking for and are willing to spend the time to fill out the personality tests that they require, there is a good chance that you will succeed in finding love.



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