Dating Online – When Is It The Right Time To Exchange Contact Information?


By Lucas Owen


When is it the right time to exchange contact information with another member on a dating site? Perhaps you are new to dating online and not quite sure how this works. It’s certainly a question that needs to be addressed and answered. After all, you did start dating online for a purpose. You want to meet someone special. However, you want to go about it the safe and right way. With this in mind, when is it the right time to exchange contact information?

No Rush

Should this be done after a month or more of communication? No, not necessarily. Now, that doesn’t mean that you should be exchanging your contact information right after your first email conversation on the dating site either. In general, most people dating online exchange contact information with another member that they are interested in within the first month of communication. But there are those that take longer.

Safety Concerns

This is why features like Dating On Demand at is so helpful. It uses video profiles to help you get a good feel for another person. If you are new to dating online then you have to ask yourself a few questions: How do I feel? Do I feel safe when I interact with this person? Do I feel like I am at the point where I want to take my interaction to the next level? Do I feel like I need to know more about this person before I exchange contact information? Do I want to meet this person eventually? Does this person put me at ease whenever we interact?

Use Your Intuition

At the end of the day, the only person that really knows the right time to exchange contact information is you. You have to follow your intuition and not necessarily your heart. In this scenario, your intuition and your heart may not be on the same page. It can be easy to confuse the two, so do pay attention to this.

Comfort Level

You do not need a checklist of pros and cons about the other member in order to decide. You do not have to know everything about them down to their shoe size in order to decide. When you communicate with this member you will get a natural feel for them. The right time to exchange contact information is really going to depend on your comfort level with this person.

No Pressure

When and if you do decide to exchange contact information, do not do it due to pressure. Sometimes another member can become impatient and try to force the issue. You should never feel pressured to exchange contact information with another member. Exchanging information has to feel natural and not forced.

Build Trust

If you are not quite sure about what to do then it’s better to exchange personal e-mails first. This will allow you more time to become acquainted with this member until you feel ready to exchange phone numbers. It will also allow the two of you to communicate outside of the dating site environment. This helps to build trust without having the burden of various distractions.

The right time to exchange contact information depends on how you feel. Avoid being pressured into it and do it when you feel ready. Exchange e-mails first if you are still uncertain. Whether you chose to do it sooner or later, use your intuition and you will be fine.


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