Internet Dating Advice For Men – 3 Major Reasons Why You Should Not Misinterpret Her Flirt Message To You


By Lucas Owen


Internet dating is one of the most widely used methods today for meeting people. It has proven to be very beneficial to many. Naturally, when you begin this internet dating journey, you may be unsure of just how to respond to a flirt. Unfortunately many men make the mistake of responding to flirts with a sexual message, thinking that this is what she wanted. In most cases however, this will only result in hurting their chances of receiving a response. Here is what she is actually trying to do when she sends you a flirt on the internet dating website.

She Is Testing The Waters

She sent you a flirt on the internet dating site because she is trying her hand at online chemistry. In other words, she wants to see if you respond in a way that is engaging to her. This doesn’t mean that you start making sexual references or using sexual innuendo. Flirting is a lot more subtle than that. This is the type of game that she wants to play with you. By seeing if you can keep things light and flirty without going overboard, she will be again to gauge your personality better and see if it matches what she is looking for.

She Is Playfully Trying To Begin A Conversation

A flirt on an adult dating site like an may certainly mean that she wants to have a discreet sexual encounter, given the nature of an adult dating site. However, in most cases, particularly if you are on a general dating site, what she is really trying to do in sending you a flirt is start a conversation. Again, it can be very easy to misinterpret a flirt when you start internet dating for the first time. You may conclude that because she sent you a flirt instead of a regular email or wink, she must be interested in you in a sexual nature and hence you should respond in kind. In actuality, she really just wants to start a conversation with you because you sparked her interest. Her flirt message was no guarantee that she wants to jump into bed with you. It’s only an opening for her to see if you will turn out to be the type of person that you portray in your internet dating profile. After all, it was your dating profile that caught her attention in the first place.

She Is Discovering Your True Intention

What sets you apart from all the other men on the internet dating site? What you have to understand is that many women receive dozens of messages from men on an internet dating site every day. Imagine just how many of those messages have sexual connotations in them? You guessed it. Quite a few of them do. Those messages quickly find the end of her “delete” finger. Therefore, when she sends you a flirt on the internet dating site, she may be expecting you to respond in a sexual nature like those others. She may already be of the mindset that a decent number of the men using the internet dating site are after one thing. Hence, by you responding in the appropriate way and not in a sexual  nature, you would give her a sigh of relief. She doesn’t have to lump you in with some of the other men. She has discovered your true intention to some extent and this bodes very well for you.

Hence, always be sure to respond to a flirt in a playful, yet appropriate manner on an internet dating site. Talking about sex or making sexual references should only come about if the conversation naturally progresses to that. A flirt message from a woman on an internet dating site is not an invitation to the Triple X counter.



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