Internet Dating Tips – How to Write the First Email


By Lucas Owen


It’s important to understand that once you have joined an internet dating site, you will have to follow some measures in order to be successful. It’s not enough to have good photos or even a great dating profile essay. You also have to be able to write good emails. The way you write your first email to another member is crucial because if you don’t do it right, they may not check out your profile no matter how well done it is. Therefore, here are a few internet dating tips on how to write the first email to another member.

Catchy Email Title

This can be a little bit of a challenge. One of the best ways to know if you have a catchy title is to show it to online friends. has a strong “Friends Network” that actually allows you to use the support of the people within the online dating community to help you with just about every part of your online dating experience, including gaining their insight on your email titles. Your title is going to be the first thing a member sees when they are checking their inbox on the internet dating site. It is so important that you get this right because it will make all the difference between them reading your message or ignoring it all together. You could write a funny headline. Think of something humorous. It could be a single word or a phrase. Keep it clean, unless of course, you are using an adult dating site. If you can make them laugh through what you wrote in your title headline, then you have them. They will read your email and check out your dating profile.

Refer To Something Specifically Unique In Their Dating Profile

Within the body of your message, you have to refer to something that they wrote in their online dating profile. Everyone wants to feel special and people on online dating sites are not any different. By referring to something uniquely specific to their profile, you would be conveying the message that you read their dating profile and was paying attention. Instead to referring to the generic, look for something unique. For example, if they mention their love for a particular activity like ball room dancing, then ask them an open-ended question about it.  

Use The Photos To Your Advantage

If you are a little stumped for what to write in your first email to this person on the internet dating site, then you can try using their photos as a reference. If you see a photo where this member is having a good time doing a particular activity i.e skiing, then clearly they are telling you that they love that activity. You could inquire about where the photo was taken. If this is an activity that you enjoy as well and you have photos on your own profile of a skiing activity, you could refer to the similarities between locations. Try to use photos to your advantage. Referring to them can really help.

Short Is Better

When you write your first email to this member on the internet dating site, try to keep it short. You want it to be a good email that invites a response from them, but it shouldn’t be too wordy. Using 3 to 4 sentences would be enough. Ensure that each sentence has a purpose in that they either refer to something on the member’s profile or ask a question. A member is more likely to read and respond to a well written short email message than a long one. Remember that this is just the first email and that as a result, it needs to get the point across quickly without completely losing the member by using too many words. Human beings for the most part have a very short attention span.


Proofreading your email to this member on the internet dating site is SO important. Go over your email message and check for any spelling or grammatical errors. It is so easy to overlook common grammatical errors like putting an “i” before an “e” (receive vs recieve), using “your” vs “you’re” or writing “there” vs “their.” There are many more and they are easy to spot, so take the time to proofread your email before hitting the “send” button. This honestly could make all the difference between the member responding to your email or not.

These are a few internet dating tips that will increase your chances of “receiving” a response to your first email. Remember that you are in competition with other members. However, using these tips will put you ahead of them and increase your chances for success.



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