Online Dating Advice – Let Someone Of Value Know Where You are


By Lucas Owen


It’s a good thing that you have decided to try online dating. This is a road that you have decided to take after some cajoling by friends or perhaps after reading a review. It’s a great decision that you have made and to make things even sweeter, you have been communicating with someone that you met on an online dating site. The two of you have decided to meet and you are excited. So, the day arrives and you rush to meet this person. It’s a good thing that you are excited but remember to tone it down and keep your wits about you. There is something VERY important that you have to do before you meet this person.

Let Someone Of Value Know Where You Are!

This is online dating advice that may seem elementary to some but you would be surprised at how often this does not happen. Many members on also have been fortunate to receive this kind of advice because of the dating website’s close knit member community and blogs. What tends to happen in situations like this is that there is an excitement level that has built up that renders the person at a loss for the proper way to treat this occasion. For many people using online dating for the first time, this can be a prevalent issue. It is great to be excited, this could be the ONE after all, but before you meet this person you have to let someone of value(a family member or good friend) know where you are going to be.

Be Cautious

Think about it for a second. Though you have had hour long conversations with this person in the last few weeks and you feel that the two of you have the utmost chemistry, there is still need for caution. Yes, this person may truly be the ONE but don’t lose your head to the point that you forget to tell anyone of value where you are going to be when the day of the date arrives.

No Texts Or Emails

When you let a good friend or family member know where you are going to be, be sure to actually converse with that person. In other words, don’t just send a text message to them and say, “Hey, meeting my date at Tommy’s.” You have to actually converse with that good friend or family member live. Simply sending a text won’t cut it because no matter how advanced technology has come in the last decade there is still a chance that your good friend or family member may not receive the text or it may end up in an inbox of multiple texts just waiting to be opened. And an email will not work either because just like text messages, your email may not arrive to your good friend or family member as it should or it may wind up in an inbox of unread emails.

In Real Time

As a result, take caution and ensure that you actually speak to your good friend or family member face to face or over the phone and let them know EXACTLY where you are going to be.

Online dating is a great way to meet that special someone or have that special encounter, but remember to keep your wits about you because this is still someone that you have never met in the flesh. Heeding this online dating advice will ensure that you have a safer and hence more rewarding online dating experience.



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