Senior Online Dating – Is It The Right Time To Try It?


By Lucas Owen


Online dating sites have helped a lot of people find companionship that they may not have found in their everyday life. A wide range of people use internet dating sites from ages 18 and up. One area that has grown tremendously in the last ten years has been the senior online dating niche. Seniors in this case typically refers to those who are either in their mid to late 40s or over 50 years of age. Perhaps you are thinking about using an internet dating site but aren’t sure if it is the right thing for you. Here are a few points to consider.

Many Current Users Were Just As Anxious As You

This is why has a very supportive online dating community, including a free online dating magazine filled with advice from its own members. There are many seniors using online dating services today who were just as anxious as you are right now. They weren’t so sure of the whole online dating thing. When you get used to a certain way of life, it is hard to try something different, especially when it involves some form of technological interaction. These people thought to themselves that online dating was something for the 20-30 year old crowd and hence not for them. They eventually learned that online dating is for EVERYONE of any age group. Everyone deserves a chance at love and companionship.

Easiest Way To Meet A Companion

Quite frankly, joining an online dating site is one of the easiest ways to meet someone. It is very difficult to meet someone in your age range when everyone you know is either married or has their hands full with kids or grand kids. So what exactly are you going to do? Try the bars and night clubs? Well, this is an option, you just might meet someone there. However, it’s unlikely that you will be able to meet other seniors like yourself who are looking for the same thing; a companion. Using internet dating sites gives you much better options of quality people to meet and is a much easier process than the alternatives.

Do You Deserve To Be Happy?

This is an important question. You have worked hard all of your life, made mistakes and learned from them. You have raised children, taken care of your family members and friends, married and been divorced and the list goes on. At this point, do you think you owe it to yourself to be happy? Everyone wants to be happy. Some of the most fulfilling aspects of life itself are in the relationships we cherish. In this modern age, there really is no reason why ANYONE should be alone if they don’t want to. Therefore, if the answer to this question is a resounding YES, then you are ready to try online dating.

There are over 15 million seniors using online dating sites today. They have obviously caught on to something.



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