Singles Online Dating – Dating Etiquette For Women 101


By Lucas Owen


Now that you have been communicating with a guy that you really like on an online dating site, the two of you are about to meet. You may be a bit nervous. This is the first time that you have met someone from an online dating site. You really like this guy so far so you don’t want to screw things up. Here is some useful dating etiquette to guide you on this date.

Avoid Wearing Too Much Make-Up

Singles who are online dating can easily fall into this trap. You are nervous and really like this guy, so you want to put your best foot forward. Understandably you apply a little more make-up than you typically do. This can actually be a turn off to men. If they see that you have too much make-up on it may send them a signal that you are hiding something. Not something necessarily physical but something within your persona. Make-up is fine but too much may cause unwanted distraction instead of attraction.

Avoid Showing Too Much Cleavage

It is natural to want to present yourself as an appealing being and thereby wear something a little low cut if you so choose. That’s fine. However, ensure that you do not take this too far. Showing enough to entice, if that is the route you are taking is fine, but too much can cause distraction once again. Remember that the purpose of your first meeting as singles who met online is to feel each other out and see if you have chemistry in the offline world. Also remember that most men are visual beings. You want him engaged in your conversation, not in your cleavage.

Avoid Using Your Mobile Phone During The Date

Unless you used’s excellent “Guided Communication” feature before you met, you may not know that much about your date. So, you may want to put away the mobile phone. This is another trap that singles online dating fall into often. We are in a technological era. Everybody feels the need to be connected. Whether it’s by the use of conventional mobile phones or smart phones, we want to be connected often. If we were separated from these devices, many of us would feel lost. On your date, try to forget that your cell phone even exists. If you are constantly going back and forth between having a conversation with your date and typing on your cell phone, you will lose him. He wants you to be as engaged in the conversation as he is.

Avoid Constantly Playing With Your Hair Or Jewelry

You may honestly not mean anything by doing this. It could be a habit of yours or as a single trying online dating for the first time, you may simply be nervous. However, it is highly important that you pay attention to this. If you are constantly running your fingers through your hair, he will see it as a sign of distraction on your part. The same applies to your jewelry. If you continuously turn the rings on your fingers around or play with your bracelet, he is going to see that as a sign that you are not into the date. If you like him and want to maintain his interest, show him that you are present.

Avoid Long Bathroom Breaks

There is nothing wrong with using the bathroom while on a date. Please go by all means. However, be a little careful here. For example, you go to the bathroom and decide to touch up your make-up. Soon after that, you realized that you received some messages from friends who want to know how the date is going and you respond to all of those. Then you see that your blouse is a little uneven and you start adjusting that. Before you know it, you have been in there for a while and he is outside wondering what’s going on. This can easily turn him off and leave him feeling ignored.

Even though the two of you found each other as singles online, you still have to pay attention to everyday standards of etiquette when you meet offline. This improves your chances of success and getting many more dates. Especially from the men you like.


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