Dating Humor: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do


By Lucas Owen


A woman is trying to figure out a nice and kind way to break up with her boyfriend. She decides that she will write him a kindĀ letter. She sits down and starts to write.

“Dear Nestor, you are one of the best things that has ever happened to me….”

She starts over.

“Dear Nestor, you are the sunshine of my life…”

She starts over.

“Dear Nestor, you are the kindest, loveliest and most affectionate man I have ever met…”

After a frustrating hour of starting and restarting she finally gives up. Her phone starts ringing. The caller ID says it’s Nestor. She takes a deep breath and answers it.

“Hey Nestor.”

“Hey Susan,” Nestor replies, “what are you up to?”

Susan sighs in resignation. “Not much. I am just sitting here trying to figure out theĀ kindest way to break up with you. Got any ideas?”


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