Online Dating Humor: Cultured


By Lucas Owen


Dating Online is something new to John. However, he has met Emma and they seem to have a lot in common. John also happens to be a florist and on a random day, he sends some red roses to Emma’s workplace.

After several hours of not hearing from her, he decides to call her.

“Hello,” Emma answers.

“Emma, it’s John. Did you get the roses I sent you?”

“John, is this supposed to be some kind of joke?” Emma replies.


“You sent me seven roses,” Emma replies.

“You did get them then,” John responds.

“Do you realize that sending an uneven number of roses is bad luck?”

“No,” John responds.

“Didn’t you write that you are very familiar with Japanese Mythology in your online dating profile? That was why I felt a connection with you. I thought you were incredibly cultured because of that.”

“I am cultured,” John responds adamantly. “There is a local Japanese restaurant near my home that delivers. They have a lot of  Japanese Mythology written on their paper menus. I read those a lot.”


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