How To Approach Women


By Lucas Owen


Approaching women plays a big role in your dating life. When done right, it can be your ticket to many dates. Be sure to use these methods to help you.

Make Eye Contact And Smile

An important step in this process is in making eye contact. This is actually a good start. When eye contact is established, smile. There is something very inviting and magnetic about the smile, particularly when it comes to approaching women. If she returns the smile, you have taken a big step in the approaching process and can move on to the next.

Keep Her Attention

If you are with some of your friends, be sure that you are having a great time. Laugh with them and be animated. Look like you are really enjoying yourself. Move amongst your friends, talking, cheering and laughing. The idea here is that, she has already noticed you when she returned your smile, however, you are not letting her forget you. By being animated with your friends, she is subconsciously keeping one eye on you and the other on her own friends.

Walk Like You Own The Room

If you glance back at her and notice that she is still looking at you, it’s time to approach. Walk up to her like you own the room. If this is hard for you to do, then try visualizing yourself as one of your favorite comic book heroes or simply someone that you looked up to greatly as a child. This really helps in bolstering confidence. This show of confidence helps in making her more receptive to your approach.

Ask Her Open-Ended Questions

Women love talking. When you open the conversation, be sure to ask her an open ended question. These are questions that lead to an answer that isn’t a yes or no. Getting her talking will help in breaking the ice between the both of you. If it is difficult for you to think up an open-ended question then reference the environment that you are in. If you are at a night club, you could ask her something like, “What do you hate the most about clubs?” This will get her thinking and when she answers, it will be a lot easier to continue with a follow up question.

Speak To Her Like You Would A Friend

It’s very important that you speak to her like you would a friend. A lot of men make the mistake of trying to talk to women that they approach in either an overly manufactured tone or in a hesitant tone like that you would use when talking to a stranger. By talking to her in the way you would a friend, you create a conversational tone that can lead to interesting topics. This will keep her interest and that’s clearly what you want.

Leave Her

After talking to her a little, leave her and return to your friends without asking for her number. Go back to your friends and continue having a good time. After a while, look back in her direction. If you notice that she is stealing a look at you every now and then, you have succeeded in capturing her interest.


Walk back to her. When she sees you coming, there is a strong likelihood that she will be smiling. Get right to the point and ask her for her number. You will be surprised at just how quickly she will provide it. This is because, by this point, you have been keeping her waiting. During this time, she has been stealing looks at you with your friends wondering if you are going to come back or if you are even going to ask her for her number. Hence, when you do ask her, she will almost be feeling a sense of relief that you came back to get it.


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