Oral Sex Techniques: How To Give Him The Best Oral Sex


By Lucas Owen


The performance of fellatio or oral sex on your man is one of the best gifts you can give him. It could easily be a quick way to his heart without you having to learn how to cook. However, being in such a delicate position requires that you have some idea of what you are doing and most importantly, how to do it to the best effect. Here are some guidelines on how to give your man the best oral sex of his life.

Positions – There are some positions that are better than others in delivering the best possible stimulating and rewarding experience for the both of you.


Your State Of Mind And His

Before you begin to perform oral sex on him, you must act like this is something that you truly want to do. The brain is the most erogenous zone of the human body, with millions upon millions of nerve endings. Hence, it all starts with the mind. If you want to give your partner the best oral sex there is, he needs to feel like you truly love and want to do this. If you give the impression that the act of fellatio is a hassle and you just want to get it over and done with, he will sense that, and you would have failed before you have even began.

No Teeth

Contrary to anything you may or may not have heard, most men do not like feeling teeth when they are receiving oral sex. His genitalia is a very tender and vulnerable part of his body. If he feels teeth while on the receiving end of oral sex, it could actually be quite painful. Hence, make strong efforts to ensure that you cover your teeth with your lips while you perform fellatio.

The Lollipop Lick

Start with licking his testicles. Hold his penis up, find the thin trail of skin that runs between his testicles to the underside of his penis(the shaft), flatten your tongue on it and lick upward. It’s best to start at the base of this line and lick your way upward until you reach the tip of his penis, then lick downward. Continue this motion until you establish a rhythm.

Testicle Swirl

Now, lightly put his testicle in your mouth. Suck very gently on it and swirl your tongue over and around it while it’s in your mouth. Repeat this motion with the other testicle. It’s also a good idea to hum gently as you do this. The vibration will create an incredible sensation for him. Also, while in this area, trail your tongue down his perineum(the area between his penis and anus). This area has a lot of nerve endings and will cause a very stimulating sensation.


Now that you have sufficiently gotten him excited, it’s time to turn your attention to his penis. Surprise him by taking it into your mouth and going down as far as you can. You do not have to deep throat him if you are unable to do this as you don’t want to start gagging. Simply take as much of his penis into your mouth as possible, then pull back.

Tease His Corona and Frenulum

The corona and frenulum are the two most sensitive parts of his penis. The corona is the circumference around the glans of the penis(penis head). It’s right before the neck of the penis and looks like a rounded edge. The frenulum is a band of tissue that is located directly beneath the glans of the penis. By licking and flicking on these two areas for a period of time, you will send him to the moon. Also, try to continuously swirl your tongue around his corona as if you are trying to draw a small circle with your tongue. This will drive him wild.

Wet His Penis

Slide your mouth back and forth over his penis a few times in order to get it sufficiently wet with your saliva. You want it to be wet because you are about to introduce the use of your hands.

Twist And Suck Motion

With his penis sufficiently wet, place a thumb and forefinger around the base of his penis. Lightly place the fingers of your other hand on the shaft of his penis. Cover the head of his penis with your mouth. In a slow and deliberate motion, start moving your hand up and down his shaft along with your mouth. Your mouth should follow the motion and direction of your hand so that they are both in synchronicity. The other thumb and forefinger that is holding the base of the penis should be moving in a gentle, anticlockwise and twisting motion. This will take some coordination as there are three movements you are performing at one time. However, between the sensation of your lips and hand moving over his shaft and your other hand gently twisting his penis, he will be extremely excited to the point of ejaculation.

His Ejaculation

In a few moments, he will be ready to climax. You have to decide whether you want him to climax in your mouth, on your hand or on some other part of your body. You also have to decide whether you intend to swallow. Most men prefer to ejaculate in their partner’s mouth and have them swallow because they feel that it is a fitting conclusion to the act of fellatio. They also feel that it is a way of their partner showing them just how much they are accepted. In most cases, swallowing his ejaculate is the best possible conclusion in giving him the best oral sex. However, you should only do what you feel comfortable doing.

Have FUN!



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