When Your Girlfriend Dresses Too Sexy

When Your Girlfriend Dresses Too Sexy

There are some guys who have a serious problem with their girlfriends when they dress alluringly.

They get mad, irate, even belligerent.

It can be funny to watch.

There is a part of me that wonders why they act this way.

Why they would think that just because they are dating this girl that she still doesn’t want to look or feel sexy.

Unfortunately, they will tell the girlfriend to stop or downright try to humiliate her in public just so that they can get her to stop.

What ultimately happens is the girl’s self-esteem takes a nosedive and the relationship gets on a one way track to unhappiness.

Guys, you have to let your girlfriend be her.

Every woman wants to feel sexy and desired at some point.

It has to be the high point of pure hubris to believe that you are the only one in her world that she wants to feel desired around.

Yes, she only has eyes for you but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t love the attention from others.

In the end, what exactly is she doing wrong?

If anything, she gets to show other guys just how amazing of a catch you already have.

Yes, you are the one who gets to take her home and only you.

Maybe you can take a chill pill, relax and let her be.

She will love you for it.