Should You Stick With Regular Dating Or Try Online Dating?

Should You Stick With Regular Dating Or Try Online Dating?

Online dating can be a scary territory for someone new to get involved in.

Crazy stories that they’ve heard from different sources come to mind.

Stories about how everyone who uses online dating sites are crooked and liars.

Stories about how people have been misled and ultimately lost all of their worldly possessions thanks to an online dating swindler.

The stories go on and on.

The truth is, online dating is no different from regular dating.

You meet Susan at the bar and you strike up a conversation.

The two of you have a lot in common.

You exchange numbers and soon after you are going on a date.

Well, you didn’t know Susan until that night at the bar.

How is that any different from meeting someone you don’t know on an online dating site?

It really isn’t.

If anything, you are at an advantage with an online dating site because you get to see this stranger’s online dating profile.

This gives you insight into the type of person they are.

You didn’t have that advantage with Susan from the bar.

Not unless you can read minds.

If you approach online dating with an open mind, you reap the rewards.

There is no reason to knock it when you have never tried it.

It’s just like all those people who swear up and down that they hated a particular movie and when you ask them if they saw it they say “no.”