What To Do When Your Boyfriend Converts To A Different Religion

What To Do When Your Boyfriend Converts To A Different Religion

When your boyfriend converts to a different religion you may start to wonder where you fit in.

You may feel like you have entered into a deal that you shouldn’t have signed up for.

You may feel duped and slighted.

It is not at all unusual to have these feelings especially if your religion matters to you and being with someone who shares the same is just as crucial.

Your priorities have to be set straight.

Just how important is religion to you as far as who you date?

Is it a must that they be of the same religion?

You may be overlooking those amazing qualities that your boyfriend has.

You remember.

The way he makes you smile or feel really good about yourself.

The way he makes you feel loved and cherished.

It’s unlikely that any of that is going to go away just because he has changed his religion as long as he is not imposing his new religion on you.

Again, it comes down to what is important to you. However, there are so many facets to one individual that simply judging them based on one could be a really clumsy mistake.

You may be worried about what your parents will think when you tell them.

They may be against it totally.

So, whose life is it anyway?

Yours or theirs.

In the end, it comes down to what you can tolerate.

However, whatever decision you make, always remember to do so with a clear mind and not one that is filled with pain and disappointment.