Online Dating – Coping With Long Distance Relationships

Online Dating - Coping With Long Distance Relationships

When you meet someone online and you fall for them, it can be an answer to your prayers.

However, it gets complicated when that person so happens to live long distance.

Initially, you may enjoy the feeling of finally having found someone but after a while it can become difficult dealing with the distance.

There are some good ways you can cope.

Keep Conversations Shorter

It may seem strange to purposely have conversations that are shorter as opposed to longer because this is a person you don’t get to see on a regular basis.

However, when you keep conversations at a relatively shorter duration it allows the both of you the opportunity to get excited about the next conversation.

Boredom tends to be one of the bigger complaints that people in long distance relationships make.

After talking to each other for hours on end per conversation, they run out of stuff to talk about and the conversations get tedious.

Keeping those conversations shorter will help prevent this.

Write Personalized Letters

You get so used to doing so much online or through a technological device that you forget that there was a time when no phones, computers and tech gadgets existed.

Take a break from technology from time to time and write your long distance significant other a letter.

A letter written by hand.

This personalized touch will make them feel special.

The effect of seeing your handwriting can be very profound because it reminds them of your personality.

It is something that they can read again and again and feel closer to you every time they do.

Arrange Virtual Dates

It’s movie night. No need to spend that evening alone crying into your popcorn because you miss your partner.

Arrange a date night for the both of you.

Grab your popcorn, pop in the movie and share that experience simultaneously over the phone, camera(Skype, etc.) or another technological medium.

You can experience the movie together, watching it simultaneously, even though you are both physically apart.

It’s a profound experience that will draw the both of you closer and give you a shared experience.

Make this a regular occurrence in your relationship. It will give the both of you something to look forward to.