Online Dating – Should You Stop Logging In Once You Start Dating Someone?

Online Dating - Should You Stop Logging In Once You Start Dating Someone?

Some people may not be quite sure of how they should approach this.

They have been on a few dates with someone they met on the dating site and are now wondering if they are doing something wrong by continually logging into their online dating account and communicating with other dating site members.

The whole point of joining the online dating site in the first place was to meet people who could become potential dates.

The word “people” is important.

Those who get the most out of online dating are those who are willing to get to know and possibly date a number of people before actually committing.

If you have been going on dates with a particular individual, you should continue to do so as long as the both of you feel chemistry.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should block out other potential dates.

You have the best chance of meeting the right person the more dates you go on.

This is the entire purpose of a dating site.

To give you the opportunity and exposure to several potential dates.

This is the kind of exposure that you may not have in everyday life.

Until you and this other date decide that you both just want to exclusively date each other, you should keep logging into your online dating account and keep your options open.

Just because you are dating this individual and everything is going well doesn’t mean that it will all end well.

Thereby, keeping your options open until you both decide to go exclusive is a better gamble.