Online Dating – Characteristics Of A Good Primary Photo

Online Dating - Characteristics Of A Good Primary Photo

When you start online dating, you have to have a good primary photo on your dating profile.

People often pay little attention to their primary photo.

This is unfortunate because your primary photo is one of the first impressions that a potential date has of you.

You have to do it right.

Full Shot Of Your Face

Some people get tempted to be stylish when putting up a primary photo on a dating site.

They will take a head shot from different angles.

They may do it above head or to the side.

These are all wrong for a primary photo on your dating profile.

Your primary photo should be a full shot of your full face from the front.

This is what most people want to see.

They want an honest show of what your face looks like.

When you start using angles, it will give them the bad impression that you are hiding something.

Appropriate Lighting

Where you take your primary photo is crucial. Avoid taking it in darker areas with little lighting.

Even with a flash on your camera, your photos can still come out badly.

You should either take it outside or in a room that is very well lit where you don’t have to rely on a flash.

It can be easy to misread a darker photo and think that it looks okay.

It doesn’t.

People would like to see a clear and bright shot of your face.

Appropriate Background

The background you use on your primary photo shouldn’t be distracting.

You want prospective dates to be looking at your face and not be distracted by the crowd behind you on the photo.

The focus of this primary photo should be on you.

You may think it would enhance your photo to have a nice busy background but it doesn’t.

You can use those busy backgrounds for the additional photos but not for your primary photo.