Online Dating – Dating Etiquette For Men

Online Dating - Dating Etiquette For MenDating etiquette for men is very important. Real effort should be put into it.

Even if you met this person online dating, you still have to have proper dating etiquette.

You never get a second chance at a first impression. Learning some dating etiquette as a man could take you far in giving that good first impression.

Always keep this in mind.


This may sound obvious but it is an important dating etiquette for men.

Being clean and having that fresh smell is a big turn on for women.

Also, taking a shower forces you to pay attention to certain areas of your person that you may have been ignoring over the last few months.

You may notice dirt under your fingernails.

You clean them out.

Women tend to look at men’s fingernails.

Staring at fingernails that have dirt in them could turn her off.

Facial Grooming

Dating etiquette for men when it comes to facial grooming can sometimes be a tricky area.

A man may be in love with his overly full scruffy beard.

Some men do form loving relationships with their beards.

However, giving it a good trim and making it look presentable will take you a lot farther on your date than keeping it scruffy.

Iron Out Clothes

This is another dating etiquette for men that some men ignore to their peril.

You may think that your shirt is ironed out but the truth is that it probably isn’t.

Don’t use your house lighting to see if it is ironed out.

Take the shirt or pants outside and look at them in natural light.

This will give you the best opportunity to look for creases on your attire.

You may be surprised at what you find.

Arrive Early

Few things impress a woman more than when she arrives at the date and notices that you are already there.

That is one of the best first impressions you can give her.

She instantly gets the impression that you are a take charge sort of guy.

A lot of women really like that.

Don’t Overdo The Cologne

If you choose to wear cologne, ensure that you don’t put on too much.

Some men aren’t aware of just how much cologne they tend to put on when they go on a date.

Keep it simple.

A spray or two is enough.

If you douse yourself in cologne, you could very easily turn her off.

She may feel uncomfortable throughout the date because the odor is simply too much.