Dating A Guy I Met Online But We Rarely Meet Up, Should I Break Up With Him?

Dating A Guy I Met Online But We Rarely Meet Up, Should I Break Up With Him?

If you are dating a guy that you met online but you two rarely meet up, you should assess how you feel about them before thinking about breaking up.

Some people meet online, have dates and realize that the person that they are with may not be someone that they share true chemistry with.

They may come to realize that their lack of communication or meet ups may be because they simply aren’t that into each other even though they haven’t really told each other that.

Hence, you should assess how you feel about this person.

Do you truly like them?

If the both of you have been rarely meeting up, is it truly because you are both so busy or is it because of something else?

Even though you may be busy, you can always try to find time.

Sometimes, we use “busy” as an excuse without really realizing that the reason why we rarely meet up with this person is because we are not that interested or emotionally invested in them.

If you believe that the lack of meetups is no fault of your own as you have made an effort to do so but to no avail, you should assess him.

How does he respond to you when you are both together?

Is he talkative and positive or does it seem like he would rather be somewhere else?

When you do meet up, what is his body language like in relation to his closeness to you?

Does he maintain his distance or does he try to get closer?

If he tends to maintain his distance and isn’t that very talkative, he is showing signs of disinterest.

In a scenario like this, you shouldn’t force the issue.

If he doesn’t feel the same kind of connection with you as you may for him, it is how he feels and you can’t force that to change.

Now, if the both of you do have good meet ups, this is a different story.

If the body language is great and the interactions are good and yet it is still rare that you two meet up, you should try having a conversation with him.

The interest may be there but he is simply not sure if he should go all in.

He may even be playing off your energy, thinking that you may actually want to go slower. In other words, he may be playing it safe so as not to push you away.

In this conversation, you should let him know that you want the both of you to see each other more.

More than likely, if he feels the same way, he will open up his schedule for you as you would have given him the confirmation he needed.

You should understand how you feel in this relationship and where you truly want it to go.

Once you understand that, you will be able to take the necessary action.