You Are Dating A Guy Online But You Have Never Seen His Picture

You Are Dating A Guy Online But You Have Never Seen His Picture

If you are dating a guy online and you have never seen his picture, you should ask yourself where you want things to go.

If your goal is to date this person in life and meet up, you should ask him for a picture.

He may not have a picture up for a number of reasons.

Those reasons may be reasonable and then again they may not.

However, if you want to ultimately meet this person physically and have that kind of relationship, knowing what he looks like is important.

You are simply trying to place a face with the words and you shouldn’t feel inappropriate.

Human beings are visual creatures and for most of us, having some form of physical attraction to the person we are interacting with is perfectly natural.

What you shouldn’t do is allow this to drag on for too long.

The longer you continue to communicate with this guy online without ever having seen his picture, the more you will wonder.

That sense of doubt due to that wonder will start being in the forefront of your thoughts during the conversations.

As a result, you will be unable to truly have an enjoyable and purposeful interaction because you will always feel like there is something missing.

This will ultimately build a sense of distrust and that doesn’t help your situation.

If you are worried about broaching the subject, you could start off by sending him a picture of yourself.

By doing this, you are showing that you have nothing to hide.

You are leading by example.

Once he realizes this, he may be more open to showing you his picture.

You really should take action now before you start getting more and more involved in this interaction so as to prevent heartache and disappointment.