Have You Ever Ended Up As Just Friends With Someone That You Met On An Online Dating Site?

Have You Ever Ended Up As Just Friends With Someone That You Met On An Online Dating Site?

There are lots of people who end up as just friends after having met on an online dating site.

They may have initially been romantically interested in each other.

However, as they got to know each other on the online dating site, they may have realized that they were better off as platonic friends than romantic partners.

This often happens when conversations between them become a lot more platonic in nature.

They may also come to this realization upon meeting each other in real life on a date and realizing that there is no romantic chemistry.

Romantic chemistry on an online dating site doesn’t always transfer when both parties meet in person.

This is often something that can come as a shock to some people who are online dating.

They may meet someone on the online dating site who they really hit if off with.

There is great flirtation and banter.

There is an ease in communication.

There are lots of common interests.

Everything seems to be pointing towards romance.

However, once they meet each other on their first date, they come to realize that the romantic chemistry that they shared on an online dating site isn’t there in real life.

They may be so taken aback by this that they are almost in denial.

They decide to go on consequent dates with each other in the hopes that the romantic spark will happen.

However, try as they may, it just doesn’t.

They like each other well enough in real life as well.

They have good conversation on these dates.

They laugh and are quite comfortable with each other.

Yet, there is something missing.

They are not feeling it when it comes to romance and desire.

It is just not there.

They come to accept this eventually.

However, being that they got along so well on an online dating site and upon meeting each other in person, they choose to stay in touch and become friends.

This is often how a lot of people who initially met each other on an online dating site end up becoming just friends.

It is actually quite common.

A person that you meet on an online dating site may seemingly possess just about everything that you are looking for in a romantic partner upon reading their online dating profile.

You may feel that the both of you have a lot in common and have had quite a few similar experiences.

Upon chatting with each other on an online dating site, you may feel an even stronger connection with them.

There is an ease in conversation as though this is someone that you have known for years.

You both talk about common experiences in a way that makes the both of you relate to each other much more.

The flirtation on the online dating site seems fluid and fun.

Again, everything seems to be working perfectly.

However, upon meeting each other in person, the great conversation may still be there, but there is just something missing.

Oftentimes, romantic chemistry comes about not just because of great conversation but also because of great body chemistry.

Your body chemistry with each other may have just been off.

The person may not have felt like an extension of yourself.

It may not have felt particularly soothing whenever the both of you touched, if you touched at all.

When there is no body chemistry between the both of you, great conversation alone may not be enough to ignite romantic chemistry.

Body chemistry is what people are missing out on when they are communicating online.

You never truly know what kind of body chemistry you will have with someone until you meet them in real life.