Was My Double Email Message, Bad Online Dating Etiquette?

Was My Double Email Message Bad Online Dating Etiquette?Your double email message to this person that you met on an online dating site was not necessarily bad online dating etiquette.

However, do refrain from sending any more until you have actually heard back from this person.

Indeed, sometimes people can become really excited about someone else that they have just met on an online dating site.

They may have been enjoying the ongoing conversation that they are having with this person and everything that they are learning about them.

You may have been enjoying your interaction with this person so far and as a result, you may have gotten used to hearing from them.

Perhaps the both of you have had a very easy time communicating with each other on the dating site.

There are no big gaps between conversations.

The both of you may have maintained a consistent pace of communication.

You may have gotten used to this.

Hence, now that you may not have heard back from this person at the pace that you have become accustomed to, you may have gotten a little uneasy.

You may have wondered why you hadn’t heard back from this person at the same pace that they normally reply to you.

You may have been thinking about this for several hours or perhaps even a day or more.

The more you thought about it, the more you made yourself that much more uneasy.

Perhaps you even started thinking about the possibility that this person has lost interest in you.

You may have even felt a slight panic at this thought.

Even though you were hesitant to do so, you may have consequently sent this person another email due to your desire to hear back from them soon.

Again, sending a double email message to someone that you met on an online dating site isn’t necessarily bad online dating etiquette.

However, you should try to understand that regardless of how good your interaction has been with this person, they may be having other conversations that are just as good or better with other people that they have met on the online dating site.

Many people on online dating sites conduct conversations with multiple people of interest at a time.

Hence, you may not be the only person that they have been talking to.

Oftentimes, conversations on online dating sites may be very lively for a number of interactions but ultimately either wane off or just end without warning.

Try to understand this reality.

None of this means that there is something wrong with you or that you necessarily did anything wrong.

It is just that there are some people who will connect with others better.

Hence, even though they may have been having a fabulous interaction with you on the online dating site, someone else may have developed a stronger romantic connection to them than the one that they shared with you.

As a result, they may decide to start focusing their attention on that one person and abandon their interaction with you.

Again, it is nothing personal.

It is just the nature of being on an online dating site.

Now, this may not be what has happened in your case.

This person may indeed still be interested in you. However, you shouldn’t send them any more email messages until they reply to your last one.

Life does happen.

Perhaps they have been unable to get back on their online dating account recently due to real life obligations.

Give it time.

But in the meanwhile, ensure that you continue to keep your dating options open by interacting with other people on the online dating site.