Online Dating: We Matched. She Messaged First. Then Crickets.

Online Dating: We Matched. She Messaged First. Then Crickets.

She may have been attracted to your dating profile initially.

This may be why she messaged you first after being matched with you on the online dating site.

However, it may be crickets now because your response to her did not entice her enough for her to want to respond to it.

When you are online dating, there are lots of people who are messaging each other trying to find a romantic connection.

She may be the type of girl who really needed a response from you that would make her feel compelled to start chatting with you.

If you sent a response that did nothing to tickle her interest, she may have decided to not respond to you so as not to use up her precious time and energy.

She may already be getting dozens of messages from other guys on the online dating site.

For lots of girls who use online dating sites, keeping up or responding to all the messages that they get from guys can be very trying.

Hence, a lot of them will often need a really good message from a guy in order to entice them to respond to him.

She may have sent you the first message because your online dating profile struck her interest in a way that others hadn’t.

However, this doesn’t mean that she isn’t getting lots of messages from other guys who are interested in her.

In sending you the first message, she may have been taking a break from responding to messages from guys who are messaging her.

Perhaps she hasn’t been getting that many particularly good messages from these guys.

Hence, she decided to take a break from it all and become more proactive.

It may be crickets now because you just didn’t send her a reply that enticed or intrigued her.

It may even be a situation where you never bothered asking her a question that related to her online dating profile by the end of your message.

This is the mistake that a lot of guys make when they reply to girls who send them messages on an online dating site.

They reply to the message blandly.

They also don’t ask a pertinent question at the end of their response.

Think about the response that you sent her.

Did you end it with a question in reference to her online dating profile?

There is a good chance that you didn’t.

Oftentimes on dating sites, you have to give a girl a reason to want to reply to your message.

Girls on dating sites get so many messages from guys that it is easy for them to lose interest very quickly in a guy that doesn’t catch their attention in his initial message to them.

This is why you may be experiencing crickets now.

You simply didn’t give her a reason to respond to your message.

Get into the habit of asking a relevant question that relates to a girl’s online dating profile at the end of your messages.

This will often make the girl feel like you actually took the time to read her online dating profile instead of only focusing on her pictures.

This is often what will inspire her to write back to you.