Dating App Match Sends Long, Thoughtful Messages, But Takes Hours To Respond?

Dating App Match Sends Long, Thoughtful Messages, But Takes Hours To Respond?

Your dating app match may take hours to respond based on their schedule and also the likelihood that they want to send you a meaningful response as opposed to a fickle one-phrase or one-word response.

This is especially evident due to the fact that this dating app match has had a history of sending you long, thoughtful messages.

It is important that you don’t allow yourself to become overzealous or too needy when it comes to chatting with your dating app match.

You may not like the fact that it takes them hours to respond because you are enjoying your interaction with them so much.

However, you shouldn’t get too far ahead of yourself.

This dating app match may not have the kind of time availability that you do.

They may have a totally different schedule than yours.

They may even approach responding to messages in a different way than you do.

Perhaps they believe that it is best to give it a few hours to respond to a message from a dating app so as to give them time to come up with a good response that will lead to a much more substantial conversation.

Again, you don’t really know what this person’s time availability is like.

Don’t assume that they have the same kind of time availability that you do.

Regardless of whether the both of you work the same kind of job or attend college.

Yes, you may be able to relate to this dating app match over that similarity.

However, this doesn’t mean that the both of you will have the same kind of time availability.

You may be spending too much time worrying about why this person takes hours to respond to you.

This can be dangerous.

It could lead you to send the person another message without having given them a fair amount of time to respond to your first message.

If you send this second message and they are still yet to respond, you may be tempted to send a third or more.

This could ruin whatever goodwill you had already developed with this person over the course of your communication with them on the dating app.

They may look at all these messages as a sign that you are desperate and needy.

This can easily turn them off.

They may choose not to talk to you any longer as a result.

This is why it is best that you take it easy.

Try engaging in conversations with other people that are using the dating app so that you are not investing all of your efforts on one person.

This is always wise.

By chatting with a manageable number of dating prospects on a dating app, you give yourself a much better shot at meeting the right person for you due to the numbers.

It also takes your focus away from just that one person.

This way, you aren’t tempted to send this person multiple messages in the hopes of getting a quicker response to your message.

The fact that this dating app match sends you long, thoughtful messages is a good sign.

In time, they may not take as many hours to respond to you because they may get really excited about you.

However, for now, try not to force anything.

As long as they are still getting back to you within hours as opposed to days, their interest level remains high and there is a good chance that their interaction with you will ultimately lead to something more.