Online Dating: Should You Exchange Social Media Account Information Before Meeting Or After?

Online Dating: Should You Exchange Social Media Account Information Before Meeting Or After?


It is best to go to that first meeting with a clearer mind than with one influenced by what you have learned about this person on their social media.

Oftentimes, people who are online dating are tempted to exchange social media account information with someone that they are chatting with because they want to learn more about that person.

Their intent is to try to use this person’s social media account information to further determine what kind of person this is.

This may sound like a good idea at first.

However, it can often cause unnecessary influence.

By exchanging social media account information before meeting, you will often put yourself in a position where you may draw conclusions about the person that may or may not be true.

A person’s social media persona may not always be reflective of who that person truly is.

People often put their best foot forward on social media.

They make themselves look good.

They put up the right kind of photos and say the right things.

It is rare for people to be entirely honest in their social media posts.

You don’t always know what is really going on behind all those cute pictures of dogs and motivational quotes.

All those pictures that they share that show them having fun somewhere with friends or family may not be what this person’s life is entirely about.

In essence, you may get excited about what you discover about the person in social media to the point where you start creating scenarios in your mind about what this person would be like to date.

Granted, a person can also be misleading in their online dating profile.

However, most people who use an online dating site aren’t there to be popular and make friends.

They are there to find a companion.

This tends to make them be a lot more honest in who they are as a person as opposed to how they would be on their social media.

Social media can be a popularity contest.

Who can get more followers?

Who can get more likes?

Who can get their pictures tagged and shared all over the world?

There isn’t this kind of demand for attention and popularity on an online dating site.

Online dating sites are more intimate.

Most people aren’t trying to win a popularity contest.

They just want to find someone to love.

If you were to become too excited about what you discover in this person’s social media before meeting them, you would approach that first meeting totally different.

There would be an added weight of expectations.

You may even make yourself that much more nervous about that first meeting as you wonder whether you will be able to measure up to this person.

After all, they seem to have such popularity on their social media and can seemingly do no wrong.

It wouldn’t be wise to put this kind of weight on a first meeting.

It can be nerve-wracking enough to meet someone for the first time without having the added pressure caused by what you have learned about them on their social media.

It is best to go to this first meeting without exchanging social media account information.

Let the process of exchanging social media account information happen naturally.

If it takes several dates with this person to get to that point, let it.

This will give you the ability to get to know this person more naturally.

This way, you can make your own judgment about who you are really dealing with.