As A Short Guy, Should I Bother With Online Dating?

As A Short Guy, Should I Bother With Online Dating?

Yes, you should bother with online dating.

Being a short guy doesn’t mean that you cannot be successful with online dating.

There are lots of short guys who have found their girlfriends from online dating.

You can do just the same as long as you approach online dating in the right way.

For one, you shouldn’t lie about your height on an online dating site.

A lot of short guys make this mistake when they join a dating site.

They lie about their height on their online dating profile.

They feel that this is the only way that they will be able to get girls to message them.

Unfortunately, all they end up doing is losing.

These girls will ultimately find out that these guys are short and the game is over at this point.

Some of these girls may be turned off that the guy is short and thereby they reject the guy.

However, some of the girls that the short guy deceived may have been fine with the fact that he was short if only he was honest about it.

Hence, they reject him due to his dishonesty as opposed to the fact that he is short.

This is why you shouldn’t mislead yourself into thinking that you can trick a girl into liking you by simply lying about your height in the beginning.

You really can’t.

One way or the other, you will lose.

She will either meet you in life and be disappointed that you are short because she isn’t into short guys, or she will be disappointed that you were lying to her this whole time.

The point here is to be honest about your height when you fill out your online dating profile.

Focus on including facts about yourself that make you unique.

Focus on infusing your online dating profile with your dynamic personality.

This is where your mindset should be.

The short guys who have been successful in finding dates on online dating sites are often the ones who are confident in themselves.

They don’t look at the fact that they are short as an impediment to getting girls to like them or give them attention.

Instead, they are able to own themselves.

They are able to crack jokes.

They are able to tell interesting stories about amazing life experiences that they have had.

This is often what will draw a woman in.

When you come off as really fun to talk to on your online dating profile, she will often imagine what it would be like to chat with you.

As a result, she may send you a message.

Also understand that there are some women who may have initially joined an online dating site and thought that they would only be open to talking to tall guys.

However, they don’t all have the best experiences in these interactions.

Oftentimes, repeated negative experiences with tall men on an online dating site will make some of these women more open to dating a wider variety of guys, including those who aren’t tall.

A woman with this changed mindset or approach may come across your excitingly descriptive dating profile and decide to send you a message.

You should never have the attitude that you shouldn’t bother with online dating because you are short.

There is room for every type of person to find romance in online dating, regardless of height, culture, background, socioeconomic status, etc.

That is one of the reasons why online dating has become so popular.