Online Dating: Two Months And Still No Date With This Girl After Multiple Attempts?

Online Dating: Two Months And Still No Date With This Girl After Multiple Attempts?

She is not interested in going out on a date with you.

If you have already asked this girl out multiple times and it hasn’t happened, she is just not interested in meeting you.

It can be hard to come to terms with this.

After all, you are online dating for a reason and you have already been talking to this girl for the last two months.

You most likely really like her.

Perhaps, you have even developed some feelings for her by now.

However, you have to judge her based on her actions as opposed to what you are hoping that she does.

When you are more focused on what you are hoping that she does, it can blind you to the reality of your situation.

Her actions are what you need to pay attention to. Not her words.

Regardless of how many times she has agreed to go on a date with you, she hasn’t proven that she actually wants to meet you.

She has repeatedly found a way to thwart these dates.

You were hopeful that she would follow through and she didn’t, yet again.

However, because you have become really fond of this girl, you have allowed this kind of behavior to persist.

You have now asked her out multiple times and she has yet to follow through.

This is all the evidence that you need that this is a girl who is simply not interested in meeting you.

Again, you must judge her by her actions, not by how many times she has told you that she is excited to meet you on a date that she has just agreed to.

Though you met this girl on a dating site, she may not actually be looking for the kind of relationship that you are.

She may not even be looking for a relationship at this time.

Even though she may have told you that she wants what you want, those are only words.

She actually has to back those words up with action and she hasn’t.

It has now been two months and you are still yet to go on a date with her.

She may have been stringing you along all this time because she simply likes the attention that she gets from you.

There are people who actually use dating sites to get attention.

They may have no real intention to find a romantic partner.

However, they may be at a stage in their lives where they just want some attention so as to feel better about themselves.

Hence, you may be dealing with a girl who isn’t even serious about meeting anyone.

It may be a situation where she just thought that she would have leisurely conversations with you for a while and then move on to talking to someone else from the dating site.

However, you may have been so interesting to talk to that she decided to stick it out with you.

She would agree to your date offers so as to keep you continuously talking to her.

She may not want to lose this advantage and she knows that by agreeing to your date offers, you would be more inclined to keep your attention on her.

Being that she likes the attention, she was willing to string you along whenever she would agree to your date requests.

However, she knows that she doesn’t really intend to meet you.

Hence, she will keep finding some kind of excuse to avoid following through on a date that she agreed to in the first place.