Online Dating: Why Do People Just Drop Off In Mid-Conversation And Stop Chatting With You Altogether?

Online Dating: Why Do People Just Drop Off In Mid-Conversation And Stop Chatting With You Altogether?

They are most likely already chatting with several people on the online dating site.

When they drop off in mid-conversation, they may have decided to focus their attention on someone else that they are connecting with on a deeper level.

It may seem odd that a person would just drop off in mid-conversation with you, especially when they seemed to be so interested in you, but this isn’t an uncommon occurrence on online dating sites.

You should try not to be too hard on yourself about it or take it personally.

This is just the nature of online dating.

There are some people that you will connect with and others that you won’t.

Even if you may have believed that you were connecting with the person that you had been engaging in conversation with, this doesn’t mean that the person was actually feeling the same kind of connection with you.

People can be interested in you at the start, but this is normally a period of probation.

As they get to have more conversations with you, they start getting a much better idea of how much chemistry the both of you have.

There may be a particular kind of experience that they are looking for when it comes to conversation.

You may have potential to give them that experience but they aren’t quite sure.

As a result, they engage in conversation with you for a while until they reach the point where they know whether you possess that certain spark that they require, or you don’t.

If you don’t, they could easily drop off in mid-conversation with you.

At this point, they know that their correspondence with you isn’t going to ever get to a point where they are feeling a romantic connection with you.

In essence, they cannot imagine themselves getting into a romantic relationship with you in their future.

By dropping off in mid-conversation, they don’t have to continue expending time and effort on an interaction that they know could never lead to romance.

They are simply not feeling you in that way.

Though you may feel as though they led you on, that may have never been their intent.

They never made you any promises.

They were simply open to seeing where this interaction would lead.

Being that they reached a point where they knew that they could not really look at you as a romantic prospect any longer, they let the conversation go.

Indeed, you may be unhappy that they weren’t courteous enough to let you know their sentiment and say goodbye. However, they may have felt that it would be much better to just drop off in mid-conversation.

People often don’t like putting themselves in a position where they may have to explain the reason why they no longer want to continue talking to someone that had seemingly possessed romantic potential.

It is just a lot easier for them to drop off in mid-conversation without having to experience the other person’s disappointment in this interaction coming to an end.