Profile Pics: If I Want A Woman That’s Into The Gym, Shouldn’t I Post A Gym Pic?

Profile Pics: If I Want A Woman That's Into The Gym, Shouldn't I Post A Gym Pic?

Yes, you can post a gym pic in your dating profile.

There is nothing wrong with posting a gym pic.

People often worry that posting a gym pic may make them look superficial.

You shouldn’t let this be your concern.

If personal fitness and going to the gym is a major part of your life, it would be best that you actually show this in your photos.

Your photos are supposed to be a representation of your lifestyle.

If going to the gym is a big part of that, you shouldn’t shy away from posting a gym pic.

After all, your match would most likely be someone that you would want to go to the gym with.

Hence, it would be appropriate to post a gym pic.

Where people frown upon using a gym pic is if it appears to be too superficial.

In other words, if all that you are doing in that gym pic is showing off your muscles, then you may cause some people to become turned off.

Being that the gym is an important part of your life, you can actually post a series of gym pics that show you engaged in different workouts.

Hence, you could even go beyond just the one pic, as long as you use pics of substance.

Instead of standing by some gym equipment and posing for the camera with your muscle shirt, use a pic that actually shows you engaged in a gym workout.

This is actually a lot more effective in conveying the message that you would want a woman who is into the gym.

Show yourself actually engaged in gym workouts and avoid trying to look at the camera and pose for it.

Gym pics that show you engaged in workouts give people a much more positive perspective about you.

It lets them know that you are not just about looking good for the camera.

You actually work hard on your fitness.

This is how you can better connect with the kind of woman that you are looking for.

You are hoping to attract a woman who is also into the gym.

More than likely, if you post a few gym pics that show you engaged in actual exercise activity, you will give her a much better sense of how genuine you are.

You would also put her in a position where she may even visualize what it would be like to do those exercises alongside you.

This is so much more effective than merely being at the gym and posing for the camera with your muscles in view.

Posting a gym pic on your dating profile can work as long as you select the right kind of pic.

Again, using a series of pics would actually work best.

This way, you are truly able to convey the message that a woman who is also into the gym is important to you.

There is nothing wrong with sending this kind of message to women who visit your dating profile.

After all, you are looking for your match.

Don’t overdo these pics of course. Your dating profile shouldn’t be dominated by pics of you in the gym.

Some women will connect with your gym pics and others won’t.

That is perfectly fine.

Simply ensure that you post the right kind of gym pics and you will attract the right kind of match for you.