Is Online Dating Pointless If A Guy Is Shorter Than 5’7?

Is Online Dating Pointless If A Guy Is Shorter Than 5'7?

It isn’t.

So much depends on your attitude when it comes to online dating.

If you are bitter about being shorter than 5’7 and reflect that bitterness in how you go about constructing your online dating profile and how you go about chatting with people on the dating site, you will have a difficult time attracting a match.

If you have been having trouble attracting a match on an online dating site, you may now be attributing this lack of success to the fact that you are a guy who is shorter than 5’7.

This is dangerous.

It can be a lot easier to pin the blame for your lack of success in online dating on something that you know is unchangeable.

You can’t fix your height.

This way, you don’t have to take responsibility for where you may be going wrong in online dating.

Indeed, there are women that you will meet online who won’t consider dating you if you are a guy who is shorter than 5’7.

However, your focus shouldn’t be on these women.

No one is going to be physically appealing to everyone regardless of their height.

Your focus should be on attracting the right kind of woman for you.

If you have only been desiring the women who wouldn’t want to date a guy who is shorter than 5’7, you may be too focused on these women’s looks.

Indeed, looks are important to most people.

However, there are many women on dating sites who are attractive but they don’t post the most attractive profile pictures because they don’t want guys to only focus on their looks.

Hence, there will be women who will post pictures of themselves with more of a natural appearance devoid of too much makeup or setup, just so that they can come off more natural and authentic.

Some of these women may totally be fine with dating a guy who is shorter than 5’7.

You need to pay closer attention to the dating profiles of these kind of women as well.

Oftentimes, these are the women who are about substance more so than appearance in terms of the kind of man that they are looking for.

This is often where you will find your match.

If the only women that you ever focus on are the ones who have the most attractive profile photos in terms of their looks but present very little else in the rest of the profile to show you that they have more substance, then you will keep coming across women who will only date guys who are north of 6 feet.

Though online dating is a very effective way to find a woman that can become your significant other, you still have to have a realistic approach to it.

Oftentimes, guys make the mistake in believing that an online dating site is like a brochure where they can pick any gorgeous woman that they like and have them like them just as much.

That isn’t how online dating works.

You have to be realistic.

Gorgeous women on dating sites can be a lot more picky than they are in real life because so many guys send them messages of interest.

If you don’t pay attention to the dating profiles of women who aren’t trying to be so overtly sexually appealing on a dating site, you may miss some very compatible gems.