Online Dating: How Long Is Too Long Between Messages?

Online Dating: How Long Is Too Long Between Messages?

Don’t be too intent on receiving a response too soon after having sent a message to someone you are interested in on a dating site.

This is where you run into trouble.

You are so excited about what you read about the person on their dating profile, that you become impatient when you haven’t heard from them within a relatively short period of time.

Messaging someone of romantic interest on an online dating site isn’t the same thing as messaging a friend.

No matter how much you connected to what the person’s online dating profile said, they don’t know you.

Remember this.

So many people lose themselves in their excitement, expecting a speedy response to their message, as they would receive from someone they know in life.

Online dating is different.

This is a person who hasn’t built any rapport with you quite yet.

Meaning, your message to them isn’t of the utmost priority.

It isn’t personal.

Nor does it mean that there isn’t a possibility of building a romantic connection with this person at some future date.

Rather, they just don’t know you yet and the speed in which they respond to your message depends on how busy their life is, how many other people they are talking to on the dating site and how frequently they check their new messages.

Nothing personal.

They just don’t know you yet.

This is why you need to keep seeking out people of interest on the dating site as you wait for this person to respond to your message.

Online dating provides a plethora of dating options.

It isn’t unusual for someone to take as much as a week or more to respond to a new message.

You have no idea how many other people of interest this person has been talking to before they received a message from you.

This is why you need to stop fretting over how long is too long between messages.

Instead, keep yourself busy socializing with other dating prospects.

The truth is, there are no guarantees that this person is going to respond to your message.

They may not even open it.

That’s the reality of online dating.

Not everyone you have an interest in is going to open your message.

Some who do open them, aren’t always going to respond either.

Putting the entirety of your romantic hopes on one person that you sent a message to is to your detriment when online dating.

Focus on finding others who pique your interest.

This is the right approach to online dating.

Should she have an interest in you, receiving a response from her on a day you weren’t expecting to, isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

But, your concern mustn’t be on how long it takes to hear from her as you wait with baited breath. Your concern has to be in taking advantage of the online dating experience.

This means that you are talking to a manageable number of people who interest you on the dating site.

Online dating is a numbers game.

The more people you talk to, the better your odds at finding the right match for you.