Online Dating: Why Are Teachers The Pickiest?

Online Dating: Why Are Teachers The Pickiest?

In your experience with online dating, school teachers have been the pickiest in how intrusive they get with their questioning and overall disposition.

Whether it be in conversation on a dating site or on dates.

You have heard enough to give you pause.

Why ask you about your past relationships so soon into conversation?

Why does she keep inquiring about your work history?

Why does she need to know your mother’s maiden name this soon on a first date?

Teachers have to be detail-oriented in their occupation. This entails knowing where each student is deficient in the class and how they are coming along.

She is accountable for their success.

For many teachers, their career longevity is predicated on the success of their students.

Turning this button off in her personal life is hard.

Her friends and family aren’t exempt from her inquisitive and intrusive nature either.

Some complain about how she treats them like they are one of her students when she inquires about their lives.

It’s like she is grading them.

At a later date, she listens for whether they implemented some unsolicited advice she gave them in their last conversation, and upon hearing the family member or friend’s feedback, she gives them a grade.

Where the family member or friend followed the unsolicited advice and had results, the teacher gives said family member or friend a passing grade in the form of praise and encouragement.

Where the family member or friend implemented the advice with poor results or didn’t implement the advice at all, the teacher gives them a failing grade by chastising or critiquing them.

Surely, you didn’t join a dating site to be a teacher’s student.

You are looking for a romantic partner.

This being said, do some introspection of your own.

Why is it, with the robust variety of romantic potentials a dating site provides, you have chosen to talk to and go out on dates with a significant number of teachers?

Is there something about you that is drawn to teachers?

Is it too far-fetched to assume that teachers attract you like a magnet for core reasons that matter to you?

Maybe you want someone who has the intelligence and preparedness of a teacher, without the pickiness and intrusiveness.

No need to give up on teachers then, as there is a solution.

Not every teacher that is this corrosive in her questioning and romantic approach is beyond redemption.

There are some who snap out of it when they meet someone who is appropriately assertive.

Say, you meet a teacher on a dating site and strike up a conversation with her.

It’s great for a short while, and then she oversteps your boundaries by inquiring on a subject that you believe is too intrusive and personal.

This is where you immediately make her aware of it by stating that her question is an inappropriate one to ask this early.

The quicker you do this, the better.

Don’t let the conversation go on without addressing it.

This immediate check on her behavior is sometimes enough to force her to correct her behavior and exercise restraint when she is compelled to prematurely ask or say what she shouldn’t.

Remember, it’s hard for many teachers to turn off that “teacher mode” outside of their classroom.

Immediately educating her on how she has overstepped, forces her to reassess her behavior and acknowledge that you aren’t one of her students.