Online Dating While Living With A Parent?

Online Dating While Living With A Parent?

You are ready to start dating again, with online dating as your avenue.

There is one major caveat.

You live with a parent.

At your adult age, you are worried about what that signifies to a potential romantic partner you meet on a dating site.

Don’t worry yourself.

It’s not as big of a deal as you think it is.

You aren’t alone in this.

A significant number of young adults in their twenties are living with their parents.

For all you know, the guy you meet on a dating site and connect with could be living with his parents too.

There is nothing to be ashamed or worried about, as long as you have a valid reason for living with your parent.

Are you taking care of an ailing parent?

Are you helping your parent get through a difficult stretch after a recent loss in the family?

Are you working on getting a degree in higher education and chose to live with your parent to help save money?

There are a number of reasons why a young adult in their twenties would choose to live with a parent.

As long as it is valid, there is nothing to worry about.

The key is to give whoever you date a solid reason why you are still living with your parent and enlighten them on the situation.

How long is this living arrangement going to last?

He is going to have this question in the back of his mind once he has learned about your situation in living with a parent, so it is worth it to be upfront about your intention.

Is it a situation that is indefinite or temporary?

Whatever is it, tell him.

Being straightforward with it prevents misunderstanding.

Don’t get so caught up about how he reacts to it.

To avoid too much time and emotional investment, let him know early on how long this arrangement is going to last.

It’s better he knows early so that he can make a decision on whether to go on with you or not.

This works best for all parties involved.

The last thing you want is to spend weeks or months getting to know someone from a dating site only to lose them once you tell them about your situation.

Tell him upfront and early.

Again, you would be surprised at how many young adults in their twenties are still living with their parents.

The sooner he knows, the sooner you discover whether he is open to it.

Something else you should do before you start online dating is tell your parent about it.

Find out how they feel about it.

Don’t make the mistake that some do in keeping your online dating life a secret from your parent.

A parent who is against the idea of you online dating and possibly bringing strangers to the house could make your life really difficult.

Explain what you are about to do to them and enlighten them about the prevalence of online dating in today’s dating world.

Some parents are still old fashioned, so they need to be educated about it.

Keep your parent in the loop as you meet new dating prospects online.

A parent who is included on your online dating journey feels invested in it.

A parent that is invested in your online dating journey is going to make it so much easier for you to have these strangers come into your life without interference from them.