Online Dating: If One More Mid-Twenties Male Asks Me For My Snap, I’m Going To Freak Out

Online Dating: If One More Mid-Twenties Male Asks Me For My Snap, I'm Going To Freak Out

This isn’t funny anymore.

As a woman in her mid-twenties on dating apps, you have been experiencing this aggravating behavior whenever a male in his mid-twenties has a conversation with you.

He asks for your Snapchat instead of your phone number.

At first, you didn’t think too much of it, but it has since become an epidemic of seismic proportions.

You are on the verge of freaking out, as you reconsider whether choosing to do online dating was a smart choice.

Don’t freak out.

As human beings, our immediate reaction to something we find displeasing is to make negative assumptions of the person who is causing it.

Don’t be too fast to jump to negative conclusions.

The males in their mid-twenties who ask for your snap on dating apps believe that it is less intrusive to do this, rather than asking for your phone number.

They have the impression that young women feel safer providing their social media information when they meet a stranger as opposed to their phone number.

Snapchat is how these young males communicate with the majority of people in their lives, whether it be family or friends.

Once on Snapchat, there is a level of comfort they feel.

They have greater control in this environment and have a multitude of options in how they can go about communicating with you.

In an era of social media, these males in their mid-twenties believe that asking for your snap is as normal as how it used to be in the past when people asked for a phone number.

In this modern era, young adults, male and female alike, have an increasing propensity to ask for a stranger’s social media contact information over the stranger’s phone number.

Young women dominate social media, and many males in their mid-twenties believe these young women have a higher likelihood of providing their social media contact information to them rather than their phone numbers, as it feels less intrusive.

Whether you meet a male in his mid-twenties at a bar and strike up a conversation with him, or on a dating app, there is a significant probability that he is going to ask for some form of social media from you to stay in touch, rather than your phone number.

Thanks to the digital era of the internet and the explosion of social media, this is where the world is moving to.

Yes, it is aggravating that males in their mid-twenties keep asking for your snap instead of your phone number, but prepare for this to keep happening.

Not every male does it so as to get you to send them nude pics that disappear after a number of seconds or once he is done viewing them, as Snapchat is known for.

Now that social media is so prevalent in today’s society, many of these males in their mid-twenties literally ask for the snap of most new people they meet, male or female.

Snapchat is their preferred and most familiar medium of communication.

Among the never-ending onslaught of social media apps in this technological age, Snapchat is like home to them.