How Long Do People Typically Use Dating Apps For?

How Long Do People Typically Use Dating Apps For?

Why they are using dating apps in the first place speaks volumes.

People who use dating apps for fun, without an intention to meet a long-term partner, are very sporadic in how they use it.

On some weeks, they are diligent in using it and on other weeks, they are absent.

Overall, people like this typically use dating apps off and on for about a year before bailing on them.

People who use dating apps in search of a long-term partner, which is the intent of the majority of people, stay on them for the average amount of time it takes to find a long-term partner.

This falls within 1 to 3 years.

So, the length of time people typically use dating apps comes down to what their intentions are for using said dating apps from the outset.

In wanting to find a long-term partner, your approach to dating apps mustn’t be with a time constraint.

Imposing a time constraint on the amount of time you are intent on using dating apps forces you to become too quick to judge whenever you have either a good or bad experience.

Not every great conversation you have with someone you meet on a dating app leads to a date.

People are known to complain about conversations that showed promise in the beginning that arrived at an abrupt end when one party stopped responding.

An occurrence like this for someone who is putting a time constraint on their use of dating apps forces them to prematurely judge the online dating experience as a waste of time.

Before you know it, after having one or two more occurrences like this on a dating app, you choose to bail and curse the day you plunged into the digital world of online dating.

On the flip side, a series of bad and insensitive messages from people on dating apps who never seem to reference anything on your dating profile leaves a bad taste in your mouth, and you surmise that people on dating apps are a bunch of fools with no social skills whatsoever.

Whether you are having a great conversation with someone on a dating app or are at the receiving end of bad messages from people, having a time constraint on how long to use dating apps compels you to be too fast to judge.

Depending on which scenario you are experiencing, you are either too prematurely excited or too prematurely discouraged.

Either one leaves you at a disadvantage, where you are being governed by your emotions, instead of giving online dating the berth it requires to work for you.

When you are using dating apps to find a long-term partner, online dating isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon.

Rather than applying so much attention to how long you should use dating apps, direct positive energy to making your time on dating apps fruitful.

This requires sustained and proactive action.

Sitting back and expecting people to find you and message you works against you, as you are leaving your romantic future to the hope that a match made in heaven so happens to land on your dating profile and contact you.

To take full advantage of what dating apps offer, you must be proactive in talking to people and getting to know them.

With consistent proactive action, you won’t be on dating apps for too long.

The average person who is consistent and proactive finds a long-term partner within a year.