Online Dating: What Do You Do When You Realize You Aren’t Liking Or Swiping Right On Anyone?

Online Dating: What Do You Do When You Realize You Aren't Liking Or Swiping Right On Anyone?

Know whether you are ready to date or not.

Some people sign up on dating apps believing that they are ready to find a partner, but aren’t.

They haven’t done an introspection of themselves, assessing their mental and emotional disposition.

Where there are emotional issues from past trauma, whether it be in a past relationship or in another area in life, it mustn’t be overlooked.

How do you feel about yourself?

Is there past emotional trauma in your life that you persist in grappling with?

Assess yourself.

Past emotional trauma makes it challenging to open yourself up to the prospect of meeting someone new to date.

When you realize that in the vast expanse of dating apps, where choices are endless, you aren’t liking or swiping on anyone, the issue lies within you.

No matter how picky of a person you are, there are so many choices on dating apps, that your reluctance to like or swipe on anyone is a reflection of a form of conflict that is transpiring within you.

Think about it.

What emotional trauma from your past are you grappling with?

Don’t deceive yourself into believing that whatever it is has no bearing on your desire to meet a romantic partner.

It does.

Whenever you see someone’s dating profile, you are already looking at it through a thick cloak of judgment.

The moment you see anything that alarms you, you refuse to like or swipe right on the dating profile.

Think back to the dating profiles you have seen and refused to like or swipe right on.

What was wrong with them?

Filter out the people you weren’t attracted to.

Address the dating profiles that had people you were physically attracted to.

What stopped you from liking or swiping right on them?

What did you see?

A word or sentence can trigger negativity within you in relationship to past emotional trauma.

A painful memory is triggered by the word or sentence and next thing you know, you are not liking nor swiping right on a dating profile with someone you are physically attracted to.

This person had nothing to do with your past trauma, yet you are judging the person in light of a word or sentence you saw on their dating profile.

You don’t know that this is what you are doing.

Yet, it is.

Never overlook the power of past emotional trauma.

If anything you have read so far resonates with you, get off dating apps for now and work on healing yourself emotionally.

Maybe, you don’t believe you have past emotional trauma in the slightest.

On the contrary, you have a healthy past, from your childhood to your romantic relationships.

Yet, you have realized you aren’t liking or swiping on anyone on dating apps.

In this scenario, the issue has to do with your requirements in a partner.

You have lofty expectations.

Although, aiming high in who you choose to date isn’t wrong, being realistic about what people have to offer is wise.

No one has it in them to meet every requirement.

A “Prince Charming” that meets every requirement on paper, still has flaws.

These flaws are revealed once you are in a relationship with him and are privy to those flaws firsthand as the relationship progresses.

No human being is perfect.

Revise your requirements.

Remember that you aren’t perfect either, regardless of what your doting family and friends tell you.

You are flawed too.

Keeping this in mind, surely, there are requirements you have in a mate that are negotiable or negligible, as long as principle requirements are met.

Do this revision and you won’t have trouble liking or swiping right on matches.