Online Dating: People Who Message First And Then Don’t Reply?

Online Dating: People Who Message First And Then Don't Reply?

People are messaging a multitude of dating options on dating sites.

The message you received from this person was one of many they sent out to various matches.

Online dating is a numbers game and many people on dating sites message multiple people at once.

I know it’s frustrating to receive the first message from someone, send a reply to them, and not hear back.

People who send loads of messages to multiple dating prospects on dating sites are playing the numbers game in the hopes they receive a significant amount of responses.

They don’t intend to respond to everyone.

The idea is to send out a substantial amount of messages and wait to see who responds.

There is a hierarchy of priority.

The responses they receive from people they are most interested in, are the ones they respond to.

Those that aren’t that high on their list of desirability get ignored.

Unfortunately, in not receiving a reply from this person, you weren’t that high on their list of desirability.

Right now as you read this, the person is directing their energy to responding to people they are most interested in.

It isn’t personal.

Online dating is a meat market of sorts.

Some people spread their net wide in order to catch the most fish, then pick and choose which fish to consume.

You weren’t high on this person’s list of desirability, but the next person who messages you could have you at the top of their list.

People who message first and don’t reply on dating sites have a tendency to be impatient.

They have a window in their day to message people.

A few do it during their lunch break at work, but a majority do it for a short while after returning from work before they have to go about their evening activities.

This is when their attention is piqued.

That’s the window of their day that they are opening their dating app and sending messages, or conducting conversations with people.

Should you miss that window and reply back to them after said window has closed, it’s less likely you receive a response back from them.

These are the busy bodies.

Their lives are constantly on the go.

That busy lifestyle is the reason why they are on dating apps.

Finding it difficult to make the time to meet people in social settings, they chose to join a dating app to give them access to dating prospects without having to meet people face to face.

To increase your rate of responses on dating apps to the messages you receive, log into them when people like this are active.

Normally, the heaviest period of dating app usage is roughly around 6pm.

This is right in that sweet spot between getting off of work and getting on with an evening of activity.

What is your daily schedule like?

Where possible, make yourself available around that 6pm slot.

This is where you get your replies to messages responded to at a rate much higher than choosing to reply at a random moment during your day.