Online Dating: If A Guy Asks A Woman For A Full Body Photo, What Does She Think About Him?

Online Dating: If A Guy Asks A Woman For A Full Body Photo, What Does She Think About Him?

The fear you have is that in asking a woman for a full body photo, she reacts with disdain, concluding that all you care about are looks and measurements.

Not that you don’t care about looks and measurements, you do.

Notwithstanding, you don’t want a woman on an online dating site to get the immediate impression that you only care for her appearance and nothing beyond that.

Concerning yourself about what a woman thinks about you for asking for a full body photo is misguided.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to know what she looks like in full view.

It’s not like you are being a hypocrite about it.

On your own dating profile, you have posted multiple full body photos of yourself.

In this vain, you aren’t a jerk for asking a woman, who has chosen to post photos of her face and none of her full body in any of her profile photos, for a full body photo.

Why concern yourself about what she thinks?

Consider, rather, having weeks of conversation with her without ever asking for a full body photo.

After this amount of work put into getting acquainted with each other, you agree to meet and she turns out to be overweight.

How do you feel now?

You aren’t attracted to overweight women.

Now that you see she is overweight, you are despondent and bereft of any desire to keep this thing going.

So much work and expectation gone to waste.

You are disappointed.

From here, you are either ghosting her or telling her that you have lost interest.

Why risk this predicament?

Either side loses.

The sooner you know what she looks like in full view, the sooner you know whether this is worth pursuing.

There is no benefit in delaying the inevitable, were you to find out she is overweight.

Be enlightened, pronto.

When you concern yourself with what the woman thinks, you are fixated on the wrong thing.

Too concerned with the prospect of her taking offence, you forget that you are on the dating site for a specific reason.

So is she.

You are there for a compatible partner.

An overweight woman wouldn’t be compatible with you, being that you aren’t attracted to that body type.

Nothing wrong with that.

Lots of women aren’t attracted to overweight men either.

Unlike meeting someone at a bar or party, online dating is different.

Whereas you get to see what a person looks like in full view upon meeting them at a public venue, it isn’t a guarantee that you have that vantage point when you are online dating.

You are at the mercy of what the person elects to show on their dating profile.

A profile with headshots and no full body shots leaves you at a loss for what the person looks like in full view.

A woman who is offended by you asking this question is giving you a guilt trip.

Don’t fall for it.

Better to lose out on her than meet her some time later and be disappointed by what you see.

It isn’t shallow to want to know what someone looks like in full view.

Anyone that has a problem with this isn’t worth it, and just may be hiding something.