I Gave It A Week And Deleted All My Dating Apps

I Gave It A Week And Deleted All My Dating Apps

The frustration is real.

You gave online dating a shot and was left reeling.

Well-thought-out messages that were sent to dating prospects weren’t responded to.

The few women you got to chat with you, barely lasted a few days before ghosting you.

It’s been a week of this and you are done.

Deleting all your dating apps felt like what you had to do.

I get it.

It’s rough when women aren’t responding to messages you worked hard on making relevant and interesting.

You are left thinking about the time you spent on these messages and how it was all for naught.

The few women who did respond to you, left you believing that there was a salvageable path to this online dating fiasco.

Then, those women fell off the face of the planet and it wasn’t anything you said.

You were polite and made good conversation with them.

Open to their questions, you responded with well-thought-out answers.

Nothing conspicuous at all.

Yet, these women chose to disappear with no explanation.

One even had the audacity to come back a number of days later, behaving as though nothing had happened.

No surprise that she inevitably disappeared once again.

You don’t believe this has anything to do with your behavior or dating profile.

Being no stranger to fun conversation, you made the few women who responded to your messages laugh.

You asked them good questions and had great responses.

In your opinion, you did everything right.

Your dating profile is outstanding, loaded with recent fantastic pictures showcasing your hobbies and interests.

Your bio is well-written and has your witty sensibilities evident throughout.

Having done everything right on dating apps, deciding to give it up after a week and delete all of your dating apps didn’t come off as nonsensical.

The last thing you want is to spend several weeks going through what you have partaken in for the last week.

Deleting all the dating apps you are on after a week was inevitable in your case.

Have you thought about the likelihood you were never ready to pursue a new relationship in the first place?

How about the possibility that you aren’t over a previous relationship that ended badly or left you discontented?

Was there a prejudice or reservation you already had about dating apps before you signed up on them?

These factors have influence on your behavior.

Assuming that what you have gone through in your first week of online dating is representative of what online dating is like as a whole, is completely erroneous and ill-conceived.

There is a prevalent reason why so many people are on dating apps. Several have met significant others and spouses on them.

Don’t believe me?

No need to go far to determine the validity of this.

Simply talk to people in your life who are partnered up, whether it be family, friends, coworkers, acquaintances, your barber, etc.

Several of them met their partners on dating apps and are happy.

Almost none of them met their partner on their first week.

It wasn’t rosy.

They can tell you stories about some of their crazy or frustrating experiences.

Irrespective of those negative encounters, they stuck with the dating apps until they met that special someone.

The average person spends at least 1 to 6 months on dating apps before meeting their partner.

You gave up after the first week.

No, deleting all your dating apps has nothing do with what happened on your first week and everything to do with you not being ready to use them.

It could be the medium itself.

Not everyone is complicit and relaxed with the idea of talking to strangers on the internet.

Or it could be a lack of emotional availability on your part, caused by a previous relationship you aren’t quite over or past trauma.

Fortunately, the act of deleting these dating apps is giving you further insight into your current state of mind.

Listen to it.

Online dating isn’t for everyone, especially those who aren’t emotionally available.