Online Dating: None Of My Matches Are Excited Or Serious About Going On A Date?

Online Dating: None Of My Matches Are Excited Or Serious About Going On A Date?

That rush of excitement you feel whenever you receive a match is not as potent as it once was.

You have since had a good number of matches that have disappointed you.

They seem excited to talk to you and the conversations are lively.

They agree to exchange phone numbers.

A problem arises.

Whenever you suggest meeting on a date, you hear phrases like, “I’m not sure when I have time to meet up,” or “My week is busy with school and stuff, I’m only available afterward.”

The weakened energy is a constant.

None of them are ever excited or serious about the prospect of meeting on a date.

What on earth are they doing on a dating app if they aren’t excited or serious about going on a date?

This is a question that has intruded your consciousness, refusing to leave.

You wake up thinking about this.

At work, you are distracted thinking about this.

Driving home from work, you almost drove on a red light, your mind consumed with this.

It’s not that they aren’t excited or serious about going on a date.

These women aren’t excited or serious about going on a date with you.

It doesn’t mean you aren’t worth going out on a date with.

You are.

Although you matched with these women and have great conversations with them, there is a missing piece that keeps them from wanting to go on a date with you.

You don’t give them a reason to be excited.

What are your conversations like?

Are they too safe?

A woman knows when a guy is playing it safe.

Even though she has great conversations with him, she is waiting for him to give her a spark.

You are a good conversationalist, but you aren’t on dating sites to make friends.

You are on them to meet a partner.

Now that this unwillingness to meet up with you on a date has occurred with multiple women, the issue doesn’t lie with them, it lies with you.

Making an adjustment or two in how you talk to these women fixes the problem.

Do you ever flirt with these women?

You probably don’t.

Flirting is a major factor in piquing the interest of a woman.

It stirs her up in a good way, as long as you aren’t vulgar.

Flirting is a seductive tool that is highly conducive to making a woman feel excited about you.

The next occasion you are matched with a woman and have good discourse, don’t emit flirting where appropriate.

Tease her.

Compliment her.

Don’t be shy about bringing up an unorthodox topic that gets her blood flowing in the right direction.

Guys are feverishly afraid to talk about controversial topics when they are talking to a new woman of romantic interest, fearing that it would turn her off.

On the contrary, a guy who is up to talking about a controversial topic and brave enough to give a viewpoint that is opposite to that of the woman, is a massive turn on to women.

Obviously, be sensible about how you go about this.

Most women aren’t turned on by men who have an issue with women’s rights and stuff like that.

Be smart.

An unorthodox or controversial topic that doesn’t make a villain out of you for having an opposing view is your best bet.

Many men believe women are complicated.

You can’t comprehend why a woman who matches with you on a dating app, has great conversations with you, and exchanges phone numbers with you, would have no excitement to go on a date.

For some women, they need a little extra to feel motivated to go on a date with you.

When you flirt and avoid playing it safe with the topics you bring up, you create a stir in her.

This motivates her to get excited about going on a date with you.