Online Dating: Do I Really Need To Text My Match Every Day Leading To The First Date?

Online Dating: Do I Really Need To Text My Match Every Day Leading To The First Date?

A date has been set with a match and you are looking forward to it.

Now you wonder about texting.

The question of whether you need to text your match every day leading up to the first date.

There is nothing in the online dating playbook that states you need to.

However, whether you should or shouldn’t depends on how frequently you had been texting this person until that first date was set.

Many men make the mistake in thinking that they need not text their match as much, or at all, after having set up a first date.

Even though they were texting this match every day prior to setting up the date.

This is what you must avoid.

You should keep texting her at the same rate as you were doing before you set up the date with her.

That means that if you were texting her every day before setting up the date, you need to keep doing that.

Many men don’t.

They think that they don’t need to text her as much leading up to the first date, believing that their job is done and it is on to the next stage.


Your job isn’t done.

A girl that was receiving text messages from you every day prior to you asking her out on a date is going to notice it when those text messages slow down or stop.

Although she agreed to meeting up with you on a first date, she wants to keep talking to you at the same pace as she was before you set up a date with her.

Guys who make the mistake of not maintaining the same pace in how much texting they are doing after asking a girl out on a date, lose momentum with the girl.

She isn’t comfortable with the fact that he hasn’t texted her in the last few days since he asked her out on a date, which goes against how much he had been texting her beforehand.

Many women in this situation get turned off.

Unfortunately, their imagination goes on overdrive and not in a good way.

They obsess about whether you are a player who only wanted to set up a date, without truly caring about getting to know her.

You were simply texting her so as to get to a point where you could ask her out on a date, and having succeeded in that, you have put her on the back burner and turned your attention to other women.

You don’t want a woman’s thought analysis to get here, after she has already agreed to go on a date with you.

This is where she has a propensity to no longer be looking forward to that date.

She is convincing herself that it wouldn’t be a good idea to meet up with you on this first date and next thing you know she cancels on you.

This was so unnecessary.

All you had to do was keep on texting her at the pace you were doing before asking her out.

You didn’t.

This triggered her to go through mental gymnastics, which led her to the decision that she no longer wanted to meet you, believing you to be a player or someone who isn’t genuinely interested in her.

As a rule of thumb, keep texting a girl with the same frequency as you were before, even after setting up a first date with her.

Whether you were texting her every day or every other day, maintain it.

This saves you from making her come to conclusions about you that aren’t warranted, which jeopardizes the prospect that she goes through with meeting you on a first date.