Online Dating: When She Won’t Add You On Social Media?

Online Dating: When She Won't Add You On Social Media?

You have really hit it off with this woman.

From the moment you matched with her on a dating site, to the moment you met her on a first date, it has been perfect.

The chemistry you had with her on the dating site translated to chemistry in real life.

That isn’t always a given.

With her, it was.

It’s been a few weeks and things have been on the up and up.

There’s just one thing that you are having a hard time with.

Every time you ask her to add you to her social media, she gives an excuse not to.

You have heard a few of them.

She tells you that her social media is really personal and she only has close friends and family following her, but as long as you two keep getting along, she is game to do it soon.

Or she tells you that she is going to do it and she never does, because, well, life happened and something distracted her from doing it.

Being that everything else with her feels so right, you have kept your suspicions at bay.

The last thing you want to do is ruin what you have with her so far on the suspicion that she is hiding important information from you.

Does she have a boyfriend?

Even worse, is she married?

Is this why she is so reluctant to add you on social media?

Whenever your mind goes off on a tangent with the possibilities, you work hard to bring yourself back, but it is getting harder and harder to keep this up.

In your experience, most women you meet on dating sites and hit it off with have been happy to add you on social media.

If anything, social media is frequently where the conversation transitions to first.

This woman in question is different and you are becoming increasingly perplexed as to why she doesn’t add you on social media.

Some women have valid reasons for not adding a guy they recently met on a dating site on their social media.

Although you feel like it should be something that happens automatically as long as you two are getting along, not every woman holds this view.

A woman’s social media is a gateway into her life.

Even though you have had great conversations and dates with her, that doesn’t instantly mean that she has reached a level of comfort and security with you that she is ready to have you follow her on social media.

Before jumping to conclusions about a boyfriend or husband she may be hiding, think about her personality type.

If you have observed that she is introverted by nature or has those tendencies, this is a viable reason why she is yet to add you on social media.

Introverted people take more time to build a level of comfort with someone before adding that person on social media.

This is the opposite of extroverted women who are naturally predisposed to add people on social media.

You might be an extroverted person and have only dealt with extroverted women.

She is different.

Thus far, she has been available to meet up with you on dates and has continued to have long conversations with you over whatever medium you two use to communicate.

A woman with a boyfriend or husband would find it exceedingly difficult to create the availability to meet up with you on dates or have conversations with you for long stretches of time.

Shy away from comparing her to other women who have been quick to add you on social media.

She is her own individual.

Given how consistent her behavior has been, she has earned the benefit of the doubt.

Be patient.

Once an introverted woman feels secure, she adds you on social media.