Online Dating: When She Says She Has An OnlyFans Account?

Online Dating: When She Says She Has An OnlyFans Account?

Everything was swell with this girl and you thought the potential for a relationship in the future was good.

Given how difficult it has been to meet a woman on a dating app you could hold a meaningful conversation with and have great dates with, you were so glad that this girl was finally bucking the trend.

The future was looking bright.

And then it wasn’t.

Out of nowhere, she mentions that she has an OnlyFans account.

The news was greeted with a little laughter.

She was just pulling your chain, intent on getting a rise out of you for laughs.

It didn’t take long before you realized she wasn’t joking.

You pretended that you weren’t flummoxed by the news, but from that point forward, the rest of your time with her felt more like a haze.

You acted like everything was alright, but once you had time to be with yourself and your thoughts, you were troubled.

You are not one to judge.

In life, you have a live and let live mentality.

That being said, you haven’t imagined a future with a girl who has an OnlyFans.

Although you have a live and let live mentality, you have never considered the likelihood that one day you would be courting someone in the sex work industry.

That concept was alien to you, as nobody in your social circle is in the sex work industry or has an OnlyFans.

You’ve never had to deal with something like this head-on.

Stuff like this always felt distant from your life experience.

Not anymore.

Naturally, soon after you had time to yourself to think this through, your mind projected into the near future.

What does dating a girl who has an OnlyFans do to your reputation with family, friends and work colleagues?

How do you even introduce her to them?

The question of what she does for a living is undeniably coming up.

What do you say?

Mom and dad, she works in entertainment?

Okay, smarty pants, what happens when they ask you about what type of entertainment?

Is she a singer, actress, comedian?

Umm, no, she is more of the, you know, adult variety of entertainment.

Then your parents look at you with those inquisitive eyes until what you just said sinks in and a look of horror ensues.

Not to mention, what does dating her do to your psyche, knowing that she has a following of salacious men who get off watching her perform on screen?

You have reason to worry about what the implications of dating a woman who has an OnlyFans account entails.

Everything that worries you about it is realistic, given the nature of what she does for a living and how puritanical society at large is.

So, why are you driving yourself crazy thinking about all this?

You already know that dating her brings with it a number of obstacles you are reluctant to face.

It’s best to gracefully bow out.

It is unfair to her to keep dating, hoping that you figure this out later.

The danger of this is you end up doing what several guys before her have tried doing, change her.

Get her to stop doing what she does for a living and become a “good” girl.

That isn’t your place.

She is an adult who makes her own choices and the idea that a guy thinks that by attempting to convince her to stop doing OnlyFans, he is saving her from herself, has an insulting and condescending stench to it.

This isn’t her first rodeo, as she is fully aware that men at large have an issue with dating a girl in the sex work industry.

This is the life she has chosen, despite these drawbacks.

The honorable thing to do is to thank her for her time and move on.

This way, you don’t lead her on and you don’t trick yourself into believing that at some point in time you are going to be okay with what she does for a living or she somehow stops it entirely for you.

That isn’t fair on her and most certainly goes against your live and let live mentality.