Online Dating: What Do Women Expect From A First Date?

Online Dating: What Do Women Expect From A First Date?

Arrange a first date at a place you two would be comfortable in.

Although you have had conversations on the dating site about all sorts of activity interests, your first date doesn’t need to be where you implement them.

Keep your first date simple.

Meet up for lunch, coffee, a light beverage, etc.

An environment that isn’t loud and distracting is key.

Even though you have had chemistry with her on a dating site, there are no guarantees that the same chemistry occurs in meeting her in person.

The less obstacles you put in your way on your first date, the greater the odds you experience the same chemistry you have been having with her online.

A safe, calm and clean environment to meet for a first date gives you this chance.

Some guys get too stuck on impressing the girl on a first date.

They elect to do a grandiose activity, believing that this would impress her.

They invite her to an expensive concert, an expensive dinner at a fancy restaurant, an upscale bar or nightclub, etc.

As a guy, you shouldn’t be so concerned with impressing her on a first date in what you choose to do or where you go.

Your main concern should be on whether you two will have chemistry in real life and get along.

This is better served by putting yourself in an environment that is conducive to conversation without distractions.

A woman who agrees to a first date with you on a dating site is no different from a woman who agrees to a first date with you in the real world.

She expects you to show up on time, be polite and conversational.

She expects you to have proper manners on the date.

This means that you aren’t distracted by your smartphone throughout the date.

You aren’t rudely avoiding eye contact with her, distracted with looking at other women who are walking about or sitting at tables.

You don’t have her sitting alone for several minutes while you are in the bathroom supposedly relieving yourself, when in truth, you are on your smartphone.

She hopes that you respect her time by not allowing the date to go on for too long.

And when it does come to a close, you are kind enough to pay for the date and walk her outside.

Women don’t expect heaven and earth on a first date.

Guys who think they have to do an elaborate activity on a first date have their priorities completely wrong.

A guy this stuck on impressing a woman gives off an energy that comes off as though he is trying too hard.

It screams of desperation which is a major turn off to girls.

A first date that is simple goes a long way.

When you haven’t set up an unnecessarily expensive or elaborate first date, you aren’t putting undue pressure on yourself to keep impressing the girl throughout the date.

Instead, a simple coffee or lunch date provides a laidback environment that keeps you relaxed so that you can be yourself.

In the end, that is what the girl wants to see.

She wants to see that the guy she has been talking to on a dating site is exhibiting the same personality traits in person.

A simple and relaxed environment allows you to do just that, be yourself.