Online Dating: When Her Bio Says, “I’m Not On Here Much, Hmu On IG?”

Online Dating: When Her Bio Says, "I'm Not On Here Much, Hmu On IG?"

Coming across a dating app bio with the words, “I’m not on here much, hmu (Hit Me Up) on IG (Instagram),” has become so prevalent in your online dating odyssey, you wonder whether there are any women who are truly looking to find someone to genuinely date on dating apps.

It feels like online dating has been taken over by women who are strictly on dating apps to promote their Instagram or some other social media so as to gain followers.

Your suspicions have merit.

We live in a social media era where everyone and their mother wants to be a popular influencer, but you are tired of seeing this ambition pervade into the online dating space.

The “dating” part of online dating is why you are on dating apps.

That is increasingly lost as these women boldly tout their social media on dating apps, completely disrespecting the many men who are on dating apps to find a partner.

I get your frustration with this pervasive phenomenon that is infecting the online dating hemisphere.

It doesn’t look like there is any end in sight for this type of behavior on dating apps, as long as the dating apps allow it.

It doesn’t do you much good to get upset about it.

Instead, keep your goals for online dating in your crosshairs.

Don’t get lost with what you are seeing on a number of bios that has you confounded.

Why are you on dating apps?

Like most guys, you are looking for a partner.

Okay, that is what your energy needs to be directed to.

Whenever you see a bio that has the words, “I’m not on here much, hmu on IG,” you already know that this isn’t someone you want to waste your time attempting to talk to.

Those words are your barometer.

The moment you see them or another phrase that has a similar intention, you move on to the next dating profile.

Believe it or not, there are women on dating apps who are looking for a partner, just like you.

These women aren’t as showy.

The pictures on their dating profiles aren’t as sexy or alluring.

Their bios aren’t a short and quick read.

They use full paragraphs.

These are women that you haven’t been giving your attention to.

The face you see on her profile picture isn’t filtered or done up in a bunch of makeup.

Indeed, at first glance, her dating profile comes off as that of a plain Jane’s.

Unfortunately, you have probably passed on dating profiles like this without giving it a moment’s thought.

This is where you are doing yourself a disservice.

These are the women who aren’t trying to trick you into following their IG by posting the sexiest photos of themselves that they know men would love.

In posting candid pictures of themselves that aren’t filtered or sexy, she is sending you the message that she is someone who is on the dating app in search of what you are on there for, a partner.

Not all of these women are plain Janes either.

Some are attractive.

Just as attractive as the woman who is goading you to hit her up on IG or more so.

The difference is that they aren’t artificially doing themselves up in their pictures, through photo filters and heavy makeup, with the sole purpose of attracting men to follow them on their social media.

The next time you see a dating profile with a plain Jane, quell the urge to quickly swipe left.

Take a moment to look into her bio.

There is no harm in that.

You may be surprised at what you find.