How Can You Avoid Becoming The “Free Food Expense” While Online Dating?

How Can You Avoid Becoming The "Free Food Expense" While Online Dating?

One of the popular complaints men have in online dating has to do with how they have met girls on dates who were only there for the free food.

This leaves them feeling used and disrespected.

It makes it that much harder for them to trust women who agree to meet up with them in person.

Did she accept this offer for the free food?

Is she meeting me because she has a genuine interest in me or for the free hors d’oeuvres alongside expensive cocktail drinks?

As a guy, you can drive yourself crazy thinking about this and it does impact how you go about communicating with women on dating sites.

You do have to recognize that online dating sites attract a lot of women.

With that many women, it is inevitable that a portion of them are on dating sites to take advantage of men.

These women aren’t serious about meeting a potential partner.

They are there solely for themselves.

Although, there is no foolproof method to completely filter out these women from your online dating experience, there are signs to look for that give you an upper hand in ascertaining whether she is there for a free meal or not.

For one, she is very quick to want to meet up with you.

It could happen in the very first conversation she has with you.

She hints that she would love to meet you and you take the bait, inviting her out to drinks or dinner.

A woman who is this quick to hint that she wants to meet you is normally up to no good.

Most women on dating sites who aren’t looking for a free meal aren’t this quick to hint at wanting to meet up.

They need to develop a degree of rapport with you first, so as to feel secure enough about the prospect of meeting up with you in person.

Something else that gives away a woman who is only looking to use you as “free food expense” is when you suggest meeting up for a mundane activity, like coffee or a smoothie, and she circumvents it.

With this sly technique, she gets you to reconsider a coffee or smoothie date without directly telling you to.

For example, she responds with a phrase like, “Coffee? I would love to, but I have been cutting back on caffeine lately.”

Her intent is to force you to consider another type of date.

So, instead of coming right out and telling you that she wants you to invite her to a dinner date, she slyly circumvents your suggestion in the hopes you come up with the idea of meeting her for dinner on your own.

This way, it doesn’t look like she was demanding that you invite her to a dinner date.

You came to that conclusion on your own, with manipulative prodding from her.

A woman who circumvents your mundane date suggestions in the hopes you come up with a more elaborate activity is a huge red flag and someone to avoid.

All in all, just use your common sense.

No one is forcing you to meet up with her for food and drinks.

Never be afraid to keep your dates simple and inexpensive at the start.

Any girl who has a problem with this has a sense of entitlement she hasn’t earned and isn’t worth your time.