The Negativity And Demanding Nature In Some People’s Dating Profiles

The Negativity And Demanding Nature In Some People's Dating Profiles

It’s widespread.

You are seeing a good number of dating profiles that aren’t shy with using negativity to get their point across nor shy about making demands.

Phrases like, “I have no time or patience for drama or BS,” or, “Don’t swipe left if you aren’t over your ex or your ex isn’t over you.”

This amount of negativity in dating profiles is turning you off.

Why do these people believe that negativity in a dating profile is attractive to a prospective date?

Can’t they see just how unappealing it is?

You are right in wondering why there is this much negativity in dating profiles and a sense of entitlement that makes people feel like they qualify to make demands.

This behavior normally reflects a person’s personality in real life.

They are showing you who they are.

In some ways, they are doing you a favor.

Some people hide their negativity and demanding nature when they create a dating profile.

Although, they are negative and demanding in real life, they make themselves out to be modest angels on their dating profile.

This is how they lure you in.

After seducing you with conversation and great dates, you fall for them.

Now they have you.

This is when their true self comes out.

This is when they reveal their negativity and demanding nature.

Unfortunately, at this stage, you are already emotionally attached to the person and you are stuck.

The good news about people who are so negative and demanding in their dating profile is in how they save you a bunch of time and wasted emotion.

You know who they are as a person from the beginning.

They have shown it in the negativity and demanding nature of their dating profiles.

They have done you a favor in being this forthright.

You can effortlessly choose to avoid swiping left on that person’s dating profile.

You should look at this as a good thing.

It’s better to know about a person’s true nature in advance, than to get tricked by someone who presents a false representation of who they are in the early stages.

Many of the people who are negative and demanding are emotionally damaged.

They have made poor choices in who they chose to date in their pasts and use dating sites as an outlet to express their anger and bitterness.

This is the last thing they should be doing.

A person who is emotionally damaged from a previous relationship needs to be taking the time to work on themselves, so as to heal internally.

Unfortunately, many of them get on dating sites instead, using the medium to lash out.

They are negative and demanding and this gives them a sense of empowerment.

It makes them feel like they are taking their power back.

The power they lost from their past relationship.

A dating site is never the right place to work through emotional issues caused by a failed past relationship.

You don’t want to be this person’s guinea pig.

Be glad that these dating profiles are this upfront with their negativity and demanding nature.

They have saved you a world of pain from the prospect of dealing with an emotionally damaged person.

Count your lucky stars and move on from this dating profile.