What Are My Best Chances Of Meeting An Older Woman Online?

What Are My Best Chances Of Meeting An Older Woman Online?

As a younger man, you are attracted to older women.

Their maturity and confidence gives you butterflies.

You are intrigued and drawn to them.

You have thought about meeting an older woman through dating apps, but haven’t had that much luck yet.

The last thing you want is to waste time on a medium that gives you next to no chance of meeting an older woman online.

Dating apps aren’t a waste of time.

Yes, older women abound on dating apps.

Your lack of success with them so far has more to do with the impression you are giving them.

An older woman who is open to dating a younger man on a dating app looks for a number of markers on his dating profile.

Maturity is one of them.

A bunch of shirtless pictures or selfies aren’t a turn on.

Nor are pictures of you partying at a club or bar.

Ditto to pictures of you at rowdy concerts.

It may work with younger women who are still in the party phase and trying to find themselves, but it doesn’t work on an older woman who has a higher desire to match with a mature man.

To improve your chances of getting an older woman to take you seriously on a dating app, you need to show maturity.

Your photos and bio must reflect this maturity.

An older woman wants to see that you are leading a fulfilling life with a purpose.

You have to have your life together.

Have a career and be paying your bills.

Have your own place.

She needs to see that you aren’t yet another twenty-something year old guy who is lost.

Is your life put together?

Are you still in the party phase of your youth?

You won’t attract an older woman online when she gets the feeling that she would have to mother you so as to set you straight in life.

She doesn’t want a project.

She wants a man who is ready made.

If you don’t have your life and finances together, you are wasting your time trying to meet an older woman online.

You need to have your life together first.

So dating apps are certainly a great place online to find older women as long as you have your life together.

Older women are also in meetup groups online.

These are groups that meet around a common interest.

What are your interests?

Older women are normally drawn to activities that are more intimate and intellectual in nature than chaotic and physical.

A book club, gardening, painting, interior decorating or arts and crafts are popular ones.

Think about interests you have and do your research on what interests older women tend to have in their preferred activities.

Join a meetup group that is designed around this interest.


You must have a genuine interest in the activity.

An older woman has life experience.

She knows whether you are in her meetup group out of a genuine love for cooking or whether you are there for the wrong reasons.

She will pick up on that very fast and won’t take too kindly to a guy who is there solely to pick up an older woman.

So, don’t misrepresent yourself.

Meeting older women in meetup groups online gives you a wonderful chance of striking intrigue in them.

As long as you show maturity in personality and in where you are in life, you dramatically increase the chances of getting one or more of them romantically interested in you.